WEBINAR: 4 Hot Tips to Simplify Your Sales Cycle and Spice Up Your Conversions

Our speakers

Scott Haney Ops @ Chilli Piper

Jan Aclan Ops @ PandaDoc

Want to turn up the heat on your pipeline?

Rev Ops leaders from Chili Piper and PandaDoc share tactical tips on how to improve your sales cycle – from prospect to close. All while sampling spicy treats. 🔥🔥🔥 

The hotter the tip is, the spicier the accompanying snack will be. Join us while Scott and Jan sweat it out and cover the hottest (and easiest!) ways to:

  • Not just generate pipeline, but generate the RIGHT pipeline
  • Convert 70% of MQLs into booked meetings
  • Save sales reps 65% of their time spent on creating documents
  • Create one single source of truth for all teams involved in the proposal process (sales, accounting, success, and beyond 🚀)