PandaDoc 2021 Product Bootcamp: A crash course in customer retention, adoption and expansion

Our speakers

Olivia Van Wormer

Olivia Van Wormer Director of Account Management

Ryanne Doumet

Ryanne Doumet Team Lead of Customer Success

Tameeka Gilchrist

Tameeka Gilchrist Onboarding Services Manager

Want to see how our Service leaders leverage PandaDoc to drive adoption, retention, expansion? Now’s your chance!

We’re not here to present a magical slide deck with all of the answers (We wish we had them!);  we’re here to host a session led by our Customer Service leads to share our best practices in using PandaDoc to create quick, easy, and helpful customer experiences.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn from our onboarding leader how to drive a 96% CSAT rating by creating highly personalized and memorable experiences
  • Get the secret sauce from our Customer Success lead in how to empower your clients for success and establish a 97% renewal rate
  • See how our AM lead exceeded revenue expansion by 142% last quarter and how her team uses PandaDoc to make purchases easy

Join our team of PandaDoc experts and steal some best practices (and templates) from us that you can implement today!