Learn how PandaDoc uses PandaDoc to have more high-value, personalized customer QBRs at scale

Our speakers

Roxana Fitzmaurice

Roxana Fitzmaurice Director, Global Customer Success, PandaDoc

Sydney Strader

Sydney Strader Head of Customer Success, Catalyst

Customer Success teams worldwide strive to demonstrate value to customers through Quarterly Business Reviews. 

But today’s QBRs are far from perfect, requiring manual data entry, slide manipulation, and dare we say..a ton of headache. 

How can CS teams scale to reduce low-value work while increasing high-value interactions?

PandaDoc has the answer. We leveraged our platform to create a QBR template that connects to external data sources and a standardized format. 

In this on-demand webinar, customer success leaders at PandaDoc + Catalyst will show you how they leveraged powerful tools to help reduce manual time spent creating QBRs, all the while having more impactful, personalized, and valuable customer conversations. 

Looking for a done-for-you QBR template that you can copy directly into your PandaDoc account? We’ve got you covered! Check out our pre-made QBR template here.