Maine Room Rental Agreement

The Maine Room Rental Agreement legally binds a landlord and the tenant who plans to lease a room. The responsibilities and expectations of the owner and the tenant are comprehensively articulated in this document. The contract becomes operative and obligatory for the named parties upon its signing.

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Maine Room Rental Agreement

Use our professional and legally binding Maine Room Rental Agreement template to ensure you adhere to state laws.

The Maine Room Rental Agreement defines the responsibilities of the owner who leases a specific room in a leased property rather than the entire premises.

Written contracts are recognized in legal terms, whereas verbal agreements may not always be. Hence, it’s imperative to formalize a written agreement when leasing a room or a portion of a leased unit. This will have greater significance in upholding financial duties and obligations.

Access to the Room 

  • The owner can access the rented room and shared common spaces for maintenance, repairs, or inspections.
  • The tenant’s right to privacy is respected, and they’re entitled to enjoy their rented space without unnecessary disturbances.
  • The owner must provide reasonable notice before entering the rented room.

Guest & Pets Policy 

In the Maine Room Rental Agreement, the Guest and Pets Policy should include:

Guest Policy

  • A guest becomes a tenant when they stay for more than 14 days within a six (6) months period. 
  • The rental property allows the occupant to have guests over, but only within the constraints of occupancy limits and other relevant local laws.
  • Guests must obey the law and rental agreement and not interfere with neighbors. 
  • The rental agreement requires the tenant to assume responsibility for their guests’ violations.

Pets Policy

  • This should specify whether pets are allowed, the types of pets permitted, any size or breed restrictions, and any additional fees or deposits required for pets. 
  • The Policy should also outline the tenant’s responsibilities for their pet’s behavior, including noise, damage, and waste disposal.

Remember, ensuring these policies comply with local and state laws is crucial. 

Security Deposit Regulations 

  • Maximum Security Deposit: The owner may ask for up to two (2) months’ rent as a security deposit. If you have a pet, you’ll need to include an additional deposit. However, service animals are exempt from the deposit.
  • Handling of Security Deposit: The landlord may not mix the security deposit with any other assets. It should be kept in a bank or similar financial institution.
  • Returning the Security Deposit: Unless there’s a valid reason, the owner must return the full security deposit to the tenant. Normal wear and tear of the property isn’t a valid reason to withhold any part of the deposit.
  • Deadline for Return: If the lease has a fixed term, the landlord has 30 days after the lease ends to return the deposit. For leases that are at-will, the owner has 21 days.
  • Consequences for Non-compliance: If the landlord doesn’t provide a written statement or return the deposit within the specified timeframe, they lose the right to keep any part of the security deposit.