Mississippi Room Rental Agreement

A Mississippi Room Rental Agreement is a formal, legally recognized agreement between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord, the original premises owner, wishes to rent out a room to the tenant. Once this agreement is implemented, it mandates specific duties and obligations that both parties must adhere to.

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Mississippi Room Rental Agreement

Download our customizable Mississippi Room Rental Agreement template to ensure a clear understanding and smooth functioning of the rental process and to adhere to state laws. 

A Mississippi Room Rental Agreement, from a legal perspective, encompasses several crucial components:

  • Identification Details
  • Property Specifics
  • Agreement Duration
  • Rent and Deposit
  • Utilities and Costs
  • Rules and Responsibilities
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Termination and Notice

Signatures: The agreement becomes legally binding when the landlord and the tenant sign and date it.

Access to the Room 

  • The landlord is privileged to access the rented room and shared spaces for upkeep, repairs, or evaluations, provided the tenant is given adequate notice.
  • The tenant has the right to enjoy a reasonable level of privacy and peaceful occupancy of the rented room.

Guest & Pets Policy 

When crafting the guest policy for your Mississippi Room Rental Agreement, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure a harmonious living environment. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Resident Limit: Determine the maximum number of residents living in the property.
  • Guest Type: Define the types of guests you permit (for example, only friends or relatives of the existing tenant may occupy the space without your consent, while strangers—subletters or Airbnb guests—aren’t allowed).
  • Guest Limit: Decide on the number of guests you’ll allow in the space at any time.
  • Stay Duration: Specify the number of nights a guest can stay on the property within a certain period.
  • Consecutive Nights: Limit how many consecutive nights a person can spend.
  • Extended Stays: Establish how you’ll handle guests who stay longer than the allotted time (for example, you might choose to evict tenants who violate this part of the lease or add long-term guests to the lease as tenants).
  • Maximum Occupancy: As the owner, you have the right to decide the maximum occupancy of the room. 

Pet Policy:

Individuals can articulate their regulations regarding pets and service animals via this enforceable agreement. A pet addendum is a legal authorization allowing the tenant to house pets on the premises.

  • Description of the Animal
  • Pet Fees and Deposit
  • Additional Rent Payments
  • Vet Information
  • Pet Restrictions
  • No Limit Liability

Security Deposit Regulations 

In Mississippi, it’s permissible for rental property owners to collect a security deposit without a limit. This deposit protects against unexpected expenses, such as property damage that exceeds normal wear and tear after a lease. Here are some additional regulations concerning security deposits in Mississippi:

  • Landlords aren’t obligated to provide a receipt for the security deposit.
  • There’s no requirement for landlords to pay interest on security deposits.
  • Security deposits aren’t required to be kept in a separate account.
  • Upon the lease’s termination, landlords in Mississippi have a 45-day window to return the tenant’s security deposit. Deductions can be made from the deposit for various reasons, including unpaid rent, late fees, cleaning costs, costs due to the tenant’s default, and damage beyond normal wear and tear.

If a landlord doesn’t adhere to the notice period or unjustly retains funds, the tenant can take legal action for $200 plus any actual damages.