New Mexico Room Rental Agreement

A New Mexico room rental agreement is a vital document outlining the state's terms and conditions of renting. It clearly understands landlords' and tenants' rights and responsibilities. Typically, it comprises details such as the names of the landlord and tenant, the rental property's address, the duration of the rental period, and the agreed-upon rent amount.

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New Mexico Room Rental Agreement

The agreement gains legal validity and enforceability by adhering to New Mexico state laws governing landlord-tenant relationships. A New Mexico room rental agreement follows the statutes and regulations outlined in the New Mexico Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act (UORRA). This ensures compliance with the state’s legal framework for rental agreements.

Access to the Room

  • Permitted access: New Mexico landlords can enter rental units to inspect, make repairs, show the property, or for other necessary purposes if tenants are absent over seven (7) days. 
  • Required notice: A 24-hour written notice is required for standard entries. Landlords can enter without notice for tenant-requested repairs within seven (7) days with a government/utility worker.
  • Refusal of entry: Tenants can’t unreasonably refuse landlord access but can suggest alternate entry times. Refusing access can lead to eviction or landlord lawsuits.
  • Changing the locks: Tenants can change locks if not prohibited in the lease but must provide new keys for legal entries. 
  • Improper entry: Illegal landlord entry allows tenants to sue for damages, get a court order stopping entries, or end the lease.

Guest & Pets Policy

  • Guests are allowed: Tenants can host guests in rented rooms for reasonable periods. Landlords may set guest policies to protect property. All the same, landlords can prohibit specific guests who violate rental rules, cause repeated disturbances, or overstay without applying as a tenant.
  • Length of stay: Standard rental agreements limit guest stays to 14 days.
  • Pet non-discrimination: New Mexico landlords cannot refuse housing or discriminate based on tenants’ pets or assistance animals.
  • Pet deposits are allowed: The New Mexico rental regulations allow landlords to charge pet deposits to offset potential damages, with certain restrictions.

Security Deposit Regulations

  • Security deposit amount: New Mexico landlords can charge security deposits up to one (1) month’s rent for leases under a year and over one (1) month’s rent for longer-term leases.
  • Interest payments: For leases exceeding one (1) year, security deposits must be held in interest-bearing savings accounts. Accrued interest belongs to tenants and must be paid out.
  • Permitted deductions: Security deposits can be applied to unpaid rent, unsettled utility/service bills, lease violation repair costs, and damage repairs beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Security deposit refund: Landlords have 30 days after tenancy termination to refund deposit balances or provide tenants with an itemized deductions statement.