Oklahoma Real Estate Purchase Agreement

An Oklahoma Real Estate Purchase Agreement is a legally enforceable agreement between a purchaser and a vendor, facilitating the transfer of property ownership in return for a specified purchase price. This contract outlines the obligations and stipulations that both parties must adhere to unless modifications are made. To adhere to state laws, utilize our template to generate a professional-grade legal document.

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Oklahoma Real Estate Purchase Agreement

An Oklahoma Real Estate Purchase Agreement aims to encompass responsibilities that both parties must fulfill prior to the finalization of the sale. For instance, it’s incumbent upon buyers to arrange for the property’s financing, while sellers must furnish necessary disclosures about the property to the buyer.

Oklahoma Real Estate Purchase Agreement, several elements must be consistently incorporated for the document to meet legal standards.

  • Data of Buyer and Seller: Provide the basic contact details of all involved parties.
  • Information on Property: Incorporate a legal description of the property, including its location, floor/unit number, and any supplementary details.
  • Purchase Price and Payment Method: Declare the final purchase price agreed upon by both the buyer and seller. 
  • Contingencies: Contingencies encompass the financing contingency, title contingency, property sale contingency, and inspection contingency.
  • Surveys and Appraisals: This rule asserts that the buyer is entitled to conduct a property survey within a specific period to verify its condition. 
  • Bankruptcy: This clause states that if the seller is declared bankrupt between the effective and closing date, the buyer may proceed with the purchase or terminate the agreement.
  • Closing Date: Include the mutually agreed closing date and the conditions for any extensions or modifications.
  • Property Possession: Specify the date when the buyer will gain exclusive possession of the property.
  • Governing Law: This clause asserts that all the terms of the agreement comply with the laws of Oklahoma.
  • Resolution of Disputes: Discuss the method for resolving disputes (if any arise).

Lastly, a section must be included for every party involved to sign the document, including the buyer, the seller, and the agent (if applicable).

Required Disclosures 

In the state of Oklahoma, sellers are obligated to incorporate a property disclaimer statement (also referred to as a “Property Condition Disclosure Statement”) for specific aspects, including:

  • Known Defects: This section enumerates all significant defects present in the property if any exist.
  • No Known Defects: If the seller is unaware of any significant defects in the home or has never resided in the property and thus lacks knowledge about any defects, they must formulate and sign this clause with the buyer.
  • Lead-based Paint Disclosure: Any property constructed prior to 1978 necessitates the seller to incorporate a statement regarding the existence of lead paint therein.

These mandatory disclosures will detail all the health hazards that lead paint can induce and other relevant circumstances that the buyer should be aware of.