PandaDoc Data Residency

Updated: September 1, 2023

For our Customers’ security and privacy, PandaDoc offers a choice of data center locations. Our Customers may choose between regional versions of our SaaS application, within the US or within the EU (with the server located in Frankfurt, Germany).

The US and EU versions of PandaDoc are similar and equally secure. However, the versions are independent and isolated installations of the application. This means that if you have a PandaDoc account within the US, PandaDoc EU would not know about this account and would not have any information. We keep the environments isolated in order to provide data residency to our customers.

The following information is be stored and processed in bounds of chosen region:

The following information, regardless of which version of PandaDoc is chosen, is stored (and transferred to the US):

Note that you cannot transfer data from PandaDoc one data center to another. If you’ve chosen the US server, you will be able to have a separate account in the EU with the same email address of the account owner, but it would be a second account that does not share neither license, nor any information with the first one – you’ll need to set up and maintain it separately, which gives you full control over your data residency.