Investment proposal software from PandaDoc

Win more potential investors with stunning investment proposals. PandaDoc provides all the tools you need for business proposal generation.

Why choose PandaDoc?

Here’s why financial advisors and wealth management companies work with us

Customizable asset allocation

PandaDoc provides you with a suite of tools to streamline your whole investment proposal creation and tracking workflow. Create professional proposals in hours rather than weeks with investment proposal templates, a content library, automation features, electronic signatures, and more. You can also track every stage of the proposal lifecycle with our sophisticated real-time analytics.

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Automate time-sapping and labour-intensive tasks

PandaDoc boasts an array of powerful automation features, allowing you to save time and resources by automating a range of tasks. For example, create automated approval workflows, send copies of documents to your cloud storage and CRM, and generate reports detailing practical suggestions for boosting performance.


Analytics for the modern wealth management organization

PandaDoc investment proposal software includes a wide-ranging analytics platform, from which you can track document statuses. You can see exactly what’s happening with every proposal you send out, from the moment it’s opened to the moment a prospective client signs on the dotted line. Crucially, these allow you to pinpoint areas of potential bottlenecks, enabling you to boost your overall return on investment even more.

Contract Analytics

Entire workspace visibility

Investment professionals have access to an intuitive and feature-rich online environment, which includes in-doc commenting tools, automated approval flows, and real-time notifications. What’s more, they can set permissions and team workspaces, controlling exactly which information is available to other employees. Also, our analytics makes it easy to track the progress of all business documents created in PandaDoc.


eSignature software for secure electronic signatures

Electronic signatures have transformed the way clients interact with proposals. With our fully-secure electronic signature software, you can collect signatures from both clients and people within your company without going anywhere near a printer or fax machine. Adding eSignature fields to proposals is made even easier with our drag-and-drop document editor.


Speedy implementation and onboarding

Most of our clients in the investment space are up and running with PandaDoc in less than a day. We streamline the whole implementation and onboarding process with our experienced customer service team and extensive training materials. Our deep knowledge base gives you all the insights from how to write winning business proposals to how client approvals work.

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Integration with your existing software

PandaDoc fits seamlessly into your existing financial planning software infrastructure. We integrate with dozens of CRMs, like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce, along with an array of third-party software tools spanning cloud storage, invoicing, payment processors, and more. We also have an API and Zapier integration, allowing you to boost productivity and automation even further.

Integration with your existing softwareIntegration with your existing software
Integration with your existing softwareIntegration with your existing software

How secure is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc takes security very seriously. We use AWS (Amazon Web Service) data-handling centers, are SOC Type 1 certified, and are fully GDPR compliant.

What kind of investment businesses is PandaDoc investment proposal software suitable for?

We have a range of clients, including financial planners, accounting firms, broker-dealers, wealth management and asset allocation firms, and more. If you ever send proposals to potential clients, then it’s likely that PandaDoc is a fit.

How much does PandaDoc cost?

We offer three plans. The Individual Plan is best-suited to individuals. The Business Plan is ideal for medium-sized investment teams and companies experiencing fast growth. The Enterprise Plan is suitable for larger teams.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).