Room Rental Agreement Michigan

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Room Rental Agreement Michigan

A Room Rental Agreement in Michigan, like in other states, is a legal contract between a landlord (or the person renting out a room) and a tenant (the person renting the room). It establishes the terms and conditions of the room rental, defining the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

The Michigan Housing Law establishes a solid framework of rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords. As the property owner, landlords have a duty to 

  • Maintain rental units in a fit, safe, and habitable condition that complies with housing codes. 
  • Undertake repairs and ensure appliances, facilities, and common areas remain in good working order. 
  • Landlords must also provide proper documentation when collecting a security deposit, capped at 1.5 times the monthly rent. 
  • They must deposit these funds into a separate escrow account and provide tenants with proper documentation, including the financial institution’s name.

On their end, tenants are expected to uphold their end of the rental agreement by paying rent on time, keeping the unit clean and undamaged, and promptly notifying the landlord of any maintenance issues that arise. 

  • Tenants are responsible for avoiding damaging the property or allowing guests to cause damage. 
  • When moving out, tenants must provide the landlord with a forwarding address within four days to ensure the timely return of their security deposit within 30 days. 
  • In this matter, the law allows landlords to use the security deposit to cover damages to their property. 

The Michigan housing laws also have provisions for subleasing as long as the tenant gives the landlord adequate notice. 

All of these standard laws and regulations are included in our customizable room rental agreement Michigan template.