Small Estate Affidavit Arizona Form

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Small Estate Affidavit Arizona Form

Fill out, sign, and notarize an Arizona small estate affidavit — a legal document to prove your right to transfer the assets of the deceased close relative to your own belongings.

What is a Small Estate Affidavit Arizona?

An Arizona (AZ) small estate affidavit lets you inherit the decedent’s assets, skipping the probation procedure and simplifying the process. 

Your case must comply with the Small Estate AFFIDAVIT For Transfer of Property Statute defined by the Superior Court of Arizona. The conditions under which the estate funds can go from an individual who passed away to you as their successor and other heirs are regulated by A.R.S. §14-3971.

Small Estate Affidavit: Arizona Requirements

You can use the instructions for a free small estate affidavit form Arizona if:

  • Time After Death: 30 days minimal
  • Small estate limit: $75,000 (as of 2022-2023)
  • Notarization: Obligatory

Time After Death of the Decedent

At least 30 days have to pass after the individual’s death to enable your further legal actions.

Small estate limit

If the sum is satisfactory for omitting the probation state, the main requirement for an Arizona small estate affidavit pima county is to analyze and estimate all the belongings of the decedent. 

The total worth of all the personal belongings and property, regardless of their location, doesn’t reach the top level of $75,000. If the total value of the decedent’s real property, including permanent and land structures, is $100,000 or less, it is a valid legal document format. Please note you shall apply no sooner than six months after the individual’s death.

Signing and Notarizing

The Arizona state requires you to notarize the small estate affidavit. 

You can get your small estate form at a local lawyer or use PandaDoc Notary to fill out, sign and notarize it online.

Small Estate Affidavit Arizona 2023: Instructions

You have the legal right to make an affidavit asserting ownership of any property type that you are legally entitled to. There are a few qualified applicants for the position.

  • If the deceased person leaves a will, the property will be distributed according to it.
  • You can petition for a small estate affidavit no matter whether the decedent left a will or not — blood relatives can show their interest and get legally approved. The deceased’s offspring, parents, or siblings are included.

Whether the estate planning process took place before the person’s death or not, it is crucial to understand what possessions are subject to estimation in this case:

  • bank accounts;
  • insurance policies;
  • personal belongings such as equipment, tools, jewelry, and so on;
  • investments.

Although real estate is also a part of the list, you won’t be able to proceed with a small estate affidavit completion with real estate property — it has to be probated. If there are any estate debts, they are considered the functional element of the inheritance too.

How to Notarize Small Estate Affidavit Arizona Online

When the waiting period is over, and you have already prepared an inventory of the decedent’s assets to describe in the Arizona small estate affidavit, you are ready to notarize the document. You can succeed in minutes with the efficient online tools of PandaDoc Notary — a speedy and secure way to prepare, sign, and notarize legal papers online.

Step 1: Open the Document Template

Create an account on PandaDoc — enter your valid email and password. Browse a small estate affidavit Arizona form and fill in the blank. Enter any additional applicants and recipients for inheriting assets of the deceased and e-sign the document. The system will notify all the assigned recipients in an instant.

Step 2: Complete the Small Estate Affidavit Form

Double-check the accuracy and credibility of data about the deceased’s assets, owned money, other successors, etc. The form allows for attaching extra pages with crucial details about the aforementioned aspects. Also, you will need to attach the person’s last will and testament.

Step 3: Find the Notary

Go to the Home screen of the site and check the Notary feature. The system guides you through its intuitive and fully responsive site — upload the form, send a notarization request, and confirm the order. The notarization process is live — that’s how the document gets sworn and finalized.

Step 4. Finalize and Notarize

You can choose from a variety of documents to verify your identity. The list includes a state ID, permanent residence cart, and so on. The PandaDoc system enables small estate Affidavit Arizona form applicants to upload photos and take live screenshots of the file to proceed with successful notarization. Once all the notary public confirmations and signatures are on the document, you can immediately download the file, print it out, or submit its digital version.

How to Fill Out a Small Estate Affidavit Arizona

The basic approach to styling and filling in a small estate affidavit form Arizona is as follows:

  • Field #1 — provide information about a person who dies and whose assets will be distributed upon this sworn statement — their name, date of death, and place of death.
  • Field #2 — clarify your relation to the decedent in detail.
  • Field #3 — you have to confirm that the value of the personal property doesn’t surpass the sum that is legally accepted by Arizona Revised Statutes.
  • Field #4 — check the template boxes and fill out the entitlement section. You can either be the sole successor of the person’s assets or be one of the heirs to the relative’s property.
  • Field #5 — you have to fill the field with the description of the deceased’s assets. A brief description is enough in the statement itself, but it might be necessary to provide extra pages to include all the belongings and possessions. Please specify their value and the current location or the owner of this part of the property.
  • Field #6 — if there are any debts to deal with, they are highlighted in the Money Owned section. Provide what financial duties the person who passed away didn’t manage to finish — their description, amount owned, and the individual to return this debt.
  • Field #7 — the section with your affirmation includes the applicant’s signature and their printed name, as well as the date of the finalization. In turn, the notary public can notarize the received small estate affidavit in Arizona either online or offline.


What is the purpose of a small estate affidavit in Arizona?

Small estate affidavits are legally binding documents that enable interested parties to transfer the estate-related assets of their decedent and exclude the probation. With the help of easily fillable forms on PandaDoc, it will take minutes to finish the form and contact the bank institution responsible for the deceased’s assets to get things done in your favor.

When do you need a small estate affidavit in Arizona?

Whenever you require to transfer the assets of a decedent in Arizona to their heirs (and you are one of them), a small estate affidavit will be the right option. The most crucial requirements to fulfill is the number of days after the person’s death when you start the procedure and their total estate value.

Does a small estate affidavit need to be notarized in Arizona?

Yes. Without notarization, your small estate affidavit form in Arizona will be illegal. Notarizing affidavits aims to prevent different types of document fraudulent activities and identity theft, in particular. This way, fake papers won’t be accepted by target establishments and ill-minded individuals won’t be able to get unauthorized access to the decedent’s property. 

How do I notarize small estate affidavits in Arizona?

Notarization happens when a professional public notary checks the provided small estate affidavit, confirms its quality, signs, and seals it. You can either sign the document in front of this professional in Arizona or sign and notarize a small estate affidavit form via an online notarization service like PandaDoc Notary.

How to file a small estate affidavit in Arizona?

When you file the AZ small estate affidavit, please pay attention to the following:

  • Check the provided data for the presence of mistypes — it is especially crucial for the addresses and financial values you state in the small estate affidavit.
  • Read the form attentively and make sure its contents are accurate and trustworthy.
  • If any hesitations, reach professional lawyers or legal assistants to clear things out.