Small Estate Affidavit Washington Form

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Small Estate Affidavit Washington Form

Complete the Washington state small estate affidavit, a legal form that outlines how you can receive the assets from the decedent into possession and operate them upon your own will. 

What Is a Small Estate Affidavit in Washington?

With the help of a small estate affidavit, you can acquire the assets and property of a deceased person. Probate is not required by Washington Law. Usually, signing and notarizing a small estate affidavit Washington form is enough to get the small estate if your case meets the state criteria.

Small Estate Affidavit: Washington Requirements

To be an eligible executor of the form, you have to comply with the conditions below:

  • Time After Death: 40 days minimal
  • Small estate limit: $ 100,000 (as of 2022-2023)
  • Notarization: Obligatory

Time After Death of the Decedent

According to the disposition of personal property statute RCW 11.62.010(1) from WA State Law, you can apply for a small estate affidavit only forty days after a deceased person’s death. If there are any estate debts left, you must handle them beforehand.

Small estate limit

As of RCW 11.62.010(c), the maximum limit for acquiring the person’s estate — it mustn’t surpass the sum of $100,000. If the total property worth of a Washington-resident deceased is less than $100,000, a free small estate affidavit form Washington state will be functional. 

There will be no issues to transfer the dead person’s personal assets to you and other successors if any by completing an affidavit. This consideration is the first step to finding out whether a small estate affidavit in Washington will work for your needs.

Signing and Notarizing

The Washington state requires you to notarize the small estate affidavit. 

To receive an affidavit of inheritance Washington, you can apply to a local lawyer or use PandaDoc Notary to fill out, sign and notarize this legal document online.

Small Estate Affidavit Washington 2023: Instructions

Here are other crucial aspects to take into account before completing the form:

  • To qualify for a small estate affidavit, you are obliged to handle any estate’s debts. There are cases when it isn’t possible to use the assets of a deceased person for this goal, and the task is transferred to their successors. It is strongly suggested to keep receipts and records during the process.
  • If there is the will of a passed away, it commonly provides direct instructions on how the funds will be distributed between the heirs. If the names of the surviving spouse and children of the decedents aren’t listed, these individuals can still be entitled to the distribution of the assets.
  • If there is no will left, RCW 11.04.015 will state the distribution details. According to the Washington State Law, the surviving legal partner gets the right to manage the property and a certain percentage of the separate assets. The latter depends on whether other successors like children, siblings, and parents of the decedent are present.
  • A small estate affidavit in Washington can’t subject any real property.

How to Notarize Small Estate Affidavit Washington Online

Thanks to online notarization services, you can save time and money on visiting a notary in person. PandaDoc Notary lets you get your WA state small estate affidavit completed and signed in an instant.

Step 1: Open the Small Estate Affidavit Washington Template

Registered members of the PandaDoc community get access to its huge collection of small estate affidavits and other legal document templates. To register, please insert your email address and password in the corresponding fields on the site. Then select the blank small estate affidavit Washington form and invite other applicants via email. 

Step 2: Complete the Small Estate Affidavit Form

Please be attentive when you fill out this legal document. All the provided information has to be brief and accurate. Once you complete the document and sign it, submit it for further notarization from the expert PandaDoc team. E-signatures and notarization are performed almost instantly via live video session. 

Step 3: Find the Notary

Use the Notary service, where you can Create a New Request. At this stage, you can once again revise the document you want to notarize and make edits if necessary. Click Notarize Now when all data is in place. The service will set up a live video session between you and the notary to verify your identification. 

Step 4: Notarize and Finalize

Upload the photo of the identification document (state ID, driver’s license, passport, permanent residence card, etc.) or scan it via the camera. When your document is verified, the notary will complete his part and add signatures. After completion, you get your notarized WA small estate affidavit form ready to use to fulfill its purpose.

How to Fill Out Small Estate Affidavit Washington

To complete a free small estate affidavit form in Washington state, you have to write down several must-have details about the decedent and their successors:

  • The first thing to do is to mention the name and address of a decedent and their undersigned successor. The address details include your city, state, and ZIP code.
  • While complying with the regulations of RCW 11.62.005, you describe the to-be-claimed property. This personal property is subject to probate.
  • Notice other successors who have an interest in the decedent possessions. If you are the only successor, choose the right option on the small affidavit Washington template blank.
  • State the date when the form is subscribed and affirmed.
  • You finalize this legal document by claimant and notary signatures.


What is the purpose of a small estate affidavit in Washington?

The leading task of this sworn statement is to assist you in administering the estate and related shares of a person who passed away. In accordance with the law system in the State of Washington, it doesn’t matter whether the decedent made a valid will or not. The regulation will include such activities as informing the heirs of the individuals whose assets are considered in the form, handling taxes, or coping with creditors.

When do you need a small estate affidavit in Washington?

It is a legit opportunity to withdraw the decedent’s funds from their open bank account by proving this sworn statement skipping a Grant of Probate. The option of preparing a small estate affidavit in this state is available only when the estate worth doesn’t surpass a legally specified sum of money ($100,000). In other scenarios, the bank will most probably reject your request.

Does a small estate affidavit need to be notarized in Washington?

Yes. Creating, signing, and notarizing this form is a legal obligation of people who want to handle the property of a person who dies and is a blood relative to them. All states accept documents signed by a professional online notary. In Washington, you can legally bind a small estate affidavit while securing your confidential information with PandaDoc Notary online.

How do I file a small estate affidavit in Washington?

To file a small estate affidavit in Washington you can download or complete online the blank affidavit template from PandaDoc mentioning:

  • a decedent’s information with the attached copy of their death certificate;
  • the entire estate inheritance value;
  • your name and address as a person to claim the property of the passed away;
  • providing more detailed information about other heirs if you aren’t solely entitled to full delivery of the small estate property;
  • specifying the financial institution, to which the funds of the decedent belong;
  • notary public certification.

How do I notarize a small estate affidavit in Washington?

According to the Washington State Law, you can notarize the affidavit both online and offline — either way will be legally acceptable. If you prefer a remote procedure, PandaDoc will connect you with a notary public through its site and let you authenticate the small estate affidavit Washington form without difficulty.