Wisconsin Room Rental Agreement

As a landlord or tenant, signing a Wisconsin room rental agreement at the beginning of the tenancy is essential. This crucial contract specifies the parties involved and comprises other crucial segments. It outlines payment terms, spells out accepted activities, and even dictates access rights.

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Wisconsin Room Rental Agreement

Access to the Room

  • Entry for inspections: Landlords can enter rented rooms to conduct property inspections without permission as long as 12 hours advance notice is provided.
  • Entry for maintenance/repairs: 12-hour notice must be given before entering rooms for maintenance work or repairs.
  • Entry for showings: Landlords can show currently rented rooms to prospective new tenants or buyers with 12 hours advance notice.
  • Emergency entry: In a safety or structural emergency, landlords may enter rented rooms without advance notice.
  • Notice of access: Landlords must notify tenants in writing 12 hours before entry. If tenants are unavailable, notice must also be mailed or posted onsite.
  • Refusing entry: Tenants may refuse entry without proper notice and for reasons unrelated to inspections, maintenance, showings, or emergencies. Refusal may prompt lease violation notices.
  • Landlord harassment: If landlords enter rooms excessively without legitimate purpose, tenants have legal recourse, including civil damages.
  • Lock changes: Tenants cannot change room locks without the landlord’s permission, even in cases of criminal threat.
  • Tenant remedies: If unlawful room entries occur, tenants can sue for double damages, court/attorney costs, withhold rent proportional to lost use, or terminate the lease. 

Guest & Pets Policy

  • Guest policy: Wisconsin law allows landlords to limit stays, require registration/notification, restrict visitors with criminal histories, and set occupancy limits based on unit size.
  • Pets policy: In Wisconsin, landlords can charge deposits and fees within limits, require neutering/containment rules, restrict type/size, or prohibit pets entirely through the lease. But service animals are exempt from restrictions.

Security Deposit Regulations

  • Deposit amount: Wisconsin landlords can require tenants to pay security deposits, typically equal to one month’s rent.  
  • Tenant inspection rights: Before paying deposits, tenants must receive written notice of their right to inspect and document pre-existing damages, with at least seven (7) days to do so.
  • Previous damages disclosure: At the tenant’s request, landlords must disclose any damages from the prior tenant that resulted in security deposit deductions. 
  • Deposit return timeline: Landlords have 21 days after the lease ends to return security deposit amounts not rightfully withheld. This applies even if tenants move out early.  
  • Permitted deductions: Landlords may legally deduct for unpaid rent/utilities, tenant damages beyond normal wear and tear, and other lease-specified deductions agreed in writing.  
  • Limitations on deductions: No deductions are allowed for normal wear and tear. Routine carpet cleaning costs cannot be taken from security deposits if required in the lease.