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Swapping from Oneflow to PandaDoc will add e-signature and contract lifecycle management functionality that can take your entire document workflow to a new level. Create and edit contracts, proposals, quotes, and more with PandaDoc.

Electronic signatures
Audit trail
Collaboration tools
E-archive and lifecycle management
Signing workflow
Permission control
Automatic data population
Custom branding
Video attachments
Notification and alerts
Bulk importing
Document builderLimited
CRM integrationLimited
Document templatesLimited
SMS signing
Content library
Pricing tables
Payment integrations
Mobile app
24/7/365 customer service

E-contracts made easy

Both Oneflow and PandaDoc allow you to create and manage electronic contracts with ease. Whether you’re managing procurement, closing a sales deal, or bringing new employees into the fold, both services can help you send and sign documents. With PandaDoc, you’ll have additional versatility and control over how your documents are created and signed so that you can create a more tailored workflow for team members and customers.

Total document management

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is an essential part of any contract management software solution. Oneflow offers search controls that allow you to find contacts and data. PandaDoc has all of these tools as well as specific workflows designed to help you expedite your contracting process. With PandaDoc, you can create documents in minutes, build templates from commonly used documents, track contract renewals, send automatic reminders, and more.

E-signing from anywhere

Whether you’re new to working remotely or you’re living life on the go, the ability to e-sign anywhere, anytime can be essential to winning bids and closing deals. While Oneflow has some of the tools you’ll need to do this, PandaDoc provides everything you need to sign, track, view, and approve documents from any mobile device. Whether you need to e-sign or finalize a document, PandaDoc can help.

Stay in control of your documents

When you’re working with teams, approval processes and custom workspaces can be essential to success. Both PandaDoc and Oneflow solve this solution by allowing you to create approval workflows and split teams into different working groups. This helps your teams stay organized and productive while giving them the freedom to generate documents without conflict.

Add video and rich media

Oneflow is quick to point out that adding video to contracts is a great way to win business — and PandaDoc wholeheartedly agrees. As with Oneflow, PandaDoc allows you to embed videos directly into your contracts. While Oneflow will allow you to record directly from the app, PandaDoc embeds videos using popular video services like YouTube or Vidyard so you always have a reliable toolkit for video hosting and content production.

Build better documents with PandaDoc

Robust document editor

While Oneflow offers a contract builder so that you can create and edit documents on the fly, it simply doesn’t compare to the PandaDoc Document Editor. Using PandaDoc, you can create documents completely from scratch using elements like pricing tables and columns to build dynamic and interesting documents. If you have existing documents, you can also import them through a service like Google Drive or Dropbox and pick up where you left off. PandaDoc gives you everything you need to outline and highlight contract details in a way that makes sense for your brand, and it’s one thing that sets us apart from Oneflow and other Oneflow competitors.


Content and template libraries

Oneflow offers a template library, but it doesn’t compare to the 450+ templates in the PandaDoc template library. On top of that, PandaDoc users can create their own templates from commonly used documents for rapid reuse. If you want to get even more specific, our content library also allows you to save blocks of content (paragraphs, pricing tables, columns, etc.) for reuse in other documents. This makes it easier than ever to recycle content and build documents on the fly.

Templates Video Proposal

Collect payments

While Oneflow is an effective contract management solution, it won’t help you eliminate additional payment capture and invoicing. With PandaDoc, you can capture payment inside your proposal or contract without issuing a separate invoice. Customers can input payment details after signing a contract to send money via our payment integrations.


Connect to thousands of apps

Using Oneflow will allow you to connect to CRMs like Salesforce and SuperOffice, but you’ll miss out on the thousands of additional integrations that you can link to when using PandaDoc. In addition to a wide variety of native integrations — including CRM integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others — PandaDoc users can also use Zapier to connect with thousands of productivity apps.

Proposal Integrations

Add custom variables

Especially useful for templates, custom variables within PandaDoc allow you to quickly swap out interchangeable elements like names, addresses, and deadline details when using templates. While Oneflow will allow you to auto-populate basic information when creating a contract, the versatility that comes with custom variables makes it easier than ever to quickly modify and personalize your contracts.

Catalog Item

More than contracts

Oneflow is focused on contract signature and delivery. PandaDoc does all that and more by allowing you to create any kind of document you need in order to close deals or run your business. Whether you need a contract, a proposal, an invoice, an NDA, or even a sell sheet, PandaDoc can help you create outstanding documents with ease.

Document Integrations Contract

Review data and improve performance

With Oneflow’s contract analytics, you’ll be able to track performance and appropriately value your contracts. PandaDoc gives you all that and more by merging document analytics with your audit trails. Internally, you’ll have a better understanding of how your teams and documents perform. Externally, you can also learn how customers interact with your documents, how much time they spend on each page, and how long they studied the document overall prior to signing. Use that information to build better documents and overcome challenges so that every contract you send is better than the last.

Analytics Page

Support when you need it

When you have a question, it can be frustrating to wait hours or days before you get a reply. PandaDoc eliminates that problem by ensuring that you’ll have around-the-clock access to service and support. Whether you need help at midnight or on Christmas day, someone will be here to help you succeed.


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