Apartment Lease Agreement Illinois

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Apartment Lease Agreement Illinois

When leasing apartments in Illinois, using a comprehensive lease contract is crucial. Our detailed apartment lease agreement Illinois template ensures all the required information is in the document. It includes adding the names of both parties, the leasing amount, and the correct security deposit terms.

Security Deposit

Landlords must return the deposit and the itemized deductions statement within 45 days of the lease’s termination. This document also follows the appropriate eviction procedure per the Eviction Act of the state.


Some common considerations for an apartment lease agreement in Illinois include:

  • Radon Disclosure (for certain areas)
  • Security Deposit Receipt
  • Bedbug Disclosure
  • Truth in Renting Act Notice
  • Landlord and Tenant Act Notice
  • Condominium or Common Interest Community Association Disclosure (for certain properties)