Apartment Lease Agreement Texas

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Apartment Lease Agreement Texas

An apartment lease agreement Texas template is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement. It’s an agreement between a landlord and a tenant for an apartment in Texas. 

Our template is a comprehensive guide to ensure both parties understand their rights and responsibilities throughout the lease. It contains essential details about the contract, like the agreed-upon rent amount and payment schedule. 

  • Rent Increases and Service Fees: Landlords can increase rent or add service fees without a specified limit if deemed reasonable. The state doesn’t mandate landlords to provide advance notice of a rent increase.
  • Repairs and Maintenance: Landlords are obligated to address necessary repairs promptly. Generally, repairs should be completed within 7-14 days after receiving written notice from tenants. Issues involving essential services must be repaired within three days.
  • Late Payments and Notices: If renters don’t pay on time, the landlord may give them a three-day notice to quit. Non-compliance may lead to eviction.


Some common considerations for an apartment lease agreement in Texas are regulated by the Texas Property Code and include:

  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (§92.052)
  • Disclosure of Information on Radon Gas (§92.0101)
  • Pest Control Services (§92.301–92.305)
  • Tenant Security Device (§92.351–92.362)
  • Tenant’s Right to Repair and to Deduct (§92.351–92.362)
  • Retaliation by Landlord Prohibited (§92.351–92.362)
  • Tenant Application Fees (§92.0081)
  • Requirements for Lease of Residential Property (§92.008)
  • Disclosures for Property in a 100-Year Floodplain (§92.012)
  • Notice of Pool/Spa Repairs (§92.017)
  • Notice Regarding Smoke Alarms (§92.018)
  • Notice Regarding Bed Bug History (§92.019)
  • Notice of Utility Services (§92.0171)