Apartment Lease Agreement Virginia

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Apartment Lease Agreement Virginia

Most residential leases in Virginia are governed by the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (VRLTA). It also governs the rules for leasing apartments for long or short terms. Customize our free Virginia apartment lease agreement template to create a contract when renting or leasing your apartment. 

Key Lease Clauses

Important lease clauses cover:

  • Rental rate.
  • The due date for rent.
  • Security deposits.
  • Responsibility for utilities.
  • Conditions for lease termination.
  • Notice periods.

Security Deposits

  • Security deposits demanded cannot exceed two months’ rent.
  • It must be paid within three days of moving in and refunded within 45 days of moving out.
  • Tenants cannot use the security deposit as the last month’s rent.

Late Rent and Eviction

  • Leases often provide a five-day grace period for late rent before imposing fees.
  • The tenant typically has one more chance to pay late before the landlord can file for eviction.
  • A fourth “extended right” is granted before a scheduled eviction.

Entry into Rental Units

  • Landlords can only enter rental units without consent in emergencies.
  • Otherwise, reasonable advance notice is required.

Repair Requests

  • Tenants must notify landlords in writing for repair requests.
  • Reasonable time frames are provided: one to three days for emergencies (e.g., no heat) and 21 days for other issues.
  • If repairs aren’t completed, tenants may file formal complaints in court following proper procedures.

Criminal Records and Lease Agreements

Apartment lease agreements in Virginia are prohibited from blanket policies denying applicants solely based on criminal records.