Arkansas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Creating an Arkansas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is essential for establishing a flexible and legally compliant rental arrangement in the state.

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Arkansas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Creating an Arkansas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is essential for establishing a flexible and legally compliant rental arrangement in the state. Arkansas has specific regulations governing landlord-tenant relationships, and our Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Template for Arkansas is crafted to align with these legal requirements. 

Month-to-Month Leases in Arkansas

Owners and Tenants are protected under the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007, Arkansas Code § 18-17. Tenants get a safe, habitable space with a duty to use the property responsibly. Owners must provide essential utilities with the ability to end the lease given 30 days’ notice. Streamline your rental property with this legally binding Arkansas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement, covering terms, renewals, notices, and tenant rights.

Lease Termination & Renewal

Critical points for termination and renewal in Arkansas month-to-month leases, in compliance with the Arkansas Code:


  • Owner or Tenant may terminate with a 30-day written notice given before the month’s start.
  • Written notice is essential (hand-delivered or certified mail is preferred).
  • Owners can terminate for non-payment, lease breach, or property damage.
  • Tenants have the right to break their leases early if the rental unit is unfit for living, such as due to major plumbing issues or lack of heating.


  • Leases automatically renew unless terminated.
  • No formal renewal action is needed. Existing terms continue.

Rent Increases

The Owner may increase the Monthly Rent during this Agreement’s term. However, any increase must adhere to the following terms:

  • The owner must provide a written notice to the Tenant 30 days before the increase’s effective date.
  • The notice must clearly state the new Monthly Rent and the effective date.

Security Deposit

  • The Tenant shall pay the Owner a security deposit equal to one month’s rent or a maximum of up to two months upon signing this Agreement. This deposit safeguards the Owner against potential damages to the Premises, unpaid Rent, or other Agreement breaches by the Tenant.
  • The Owner must return the security deposit, or any remaining portion, to the Tenant within 60 days after this Agreement ends. However, the Owner may subtract amounts needed to cover unpaid rent or property damages.

Tenant Rights

The Arkansas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement provides a section that clarifies the legal framework governing Tenancy and Ownership in Arkansas, empowering Tenants to exercise their rights and ensuring compliance with state law.

  • Safe and Habitable Premises: Owners are legally obligated to uphold safety and habitability standards, ensuring functional plumbing, heating, and electrical systems.
  • Non-Discrimination: Arkansas law strictly prohibits discrimination against Tenants based on protected characteristics, including race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, disability, family status, age, or lawful source of income.
  • Eviction Procedures: Eviction is a last resort, permissible only for specific breaches of the lease agreement, such as non-payment of rent, significant property damage, or repeated lease violations. Tenants have the right to due process, including legal notice and the opportunity to contest eviction in court.

Required Disclosures in Arkansas

In Arkansas, property owners must provide essential disclosures to tenants before initiating a rental agreement, ensuring transparency and legal compliance. These include federal lead-based paint hazards for older properties and state-mandated details about property conditions, environmental risks, and neighborhood noise.

  • Federal law requires the disclosure of lead-based paint hazards for properties built before 1978.