Arkansas Room Rental Agreement

An Arkansas room rental agreement is between the landlord and a tenant renting a room in the landlord’s house. This house can be the lessor’s private residence or a shared house with other lessees. Regardless of which it is, you must be aware of the legal considerations of such an agreement. We discuss the legal terms and clauses you must add to this contract.

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Arkansas Room Rental Agreement

Room rentals don’t always have to be written; oral agreements are also accepted in leases with less than 12 months’ occupancy. However, it’s better to have a written contract to reference. To create a comprehensive agreement, you must include various terms. 

These terms range from the landlord’s and common areas’ access to pet/guest policies and security deposit regulations. Below, we’ll discuss the applicable laws, if any, or the standard procedure for these documents.

Access to the Room

  • Once both parties sign the lease, the landlord cannot enter the room anytime they wish. Instead, they must provide reasonable written notice and gain the lessee’s permission. Generally, reasonable notice varies between 24 to 48 hours.
  • Lessors can only enter the room during business hours, usually between 8 am and 6 pm. The only exception to this rule is if the tenant requests a time outside business hours or an emergency.
  • Lessors can only enter the room for lawful reasons, like inspections, repairs, maintenance, or showing the unit to prospective buyers/agents.
  • The tenant’s access to the home depends on the type of lease. However, according to Arkansas law, they must have access to the bare necessities. These include a sanitary system and plumbing that conform to the housing codes, as well as potable drinking water and hot/cold water sources.

Guest & Pets Policy

  • Landlords generally can’t prohibit guests, as you’re allowed guests as part of your basic right to peaceful enjoyment of your room. However, there are various restrictions to which they can apply.
  • The lessor might prohibit overnight guests or state a maximum number of nights they can stay. 
  • Arkansas has no specific date when guests become tenants, so it remains up to the lessor.
  • Guests might have restricted access to the property. Further, most landlords will add a clause stating that any activities with guests must be respectful of the other occupants.
  • Pet policies are up to the lessor, as no state-wide law covers pets. As such, most will ban pets, as tenants share the property with other occupants.
  • If the landlord accepts pets, lessees might have to pay a pet deposit or follow specific rules and restrictions.
  • Service animals are exempt from the above fees and restrictions. Landlords should always accommodate service animals. However, Arkansas does have a law that states the owner of a service animal is responsible for any damages that animal causes.

Security Deposit Regulations

  • Security deposits can’t be more than two (2) months’ rent.
  • Lessors have 60 days to return the security deposit and provide an itemized list of deductions.
  • The landlord can keep the entire deposit if the lessee’s outstanding damages or unpaid rent exceeds the security deposit.