How to insert tabs in Word

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to insert tabs in Word is to use the ruler and the tab selector?

This lets you add and adjust tabs on the go as you create your document.

You can also use the tab key to add them wherever you need to.

Here, we explain what tabs are, how to find them, and how to set tabs in Word.

Where is tabs in Word?

When learning how to manage documents, it’s important to understand what tabs are and what they’re used for. 

Tabs in Word let you add horizontal space in the middle of a line.

They’re more reliable for formatting consistent spaces than the space bar and can be used for things like indenting paragraphs and aligning text.

Tabs can be found in Word by using the ‘Tab’ button on your keyboard.

Word tabs

You can also use ‘tab stops’ to set consistent indentations and spaces throughout your document.

These can be found in the ‘ruler’ at the top of your Word document and look like little right angles.

Using tabs to format spacing and indentations is good for document management best practices.

Setting tabs properly makes docs easier to read and more professional-looking.

It also helps you clearly set out and separate information.

How do you set tabs in Word?

There are two main ways to set tabs in a Word document.

If you just want to set the occasional tab, the easiest way is to use the tab key on your keyboard.

Just press ‘Tab’ wherever you want to set one.

If you have lots of tabs and tab formatting to do and don’t want to have to press the tab key every time, you should know how to set multiple tabs in Word.

The best way is to use the ruler and its ‘tab stops’.

The ruler can usually be seen at the top of your document, but if it isn’t currently there, you can make it visible using the ‘View’ option. Click ‘Ruler’ and it will appear.

Once the ruler is visible, you’ll see the tab selector to the left.

Click on this, and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of tabs.

There are four main types of tab in Word:

  • Left tab aligns text to the left at the tab stop
  • Center tab center-aligns text around the tab stop
  • Right tab aligns text to the right at the tab stop
  • Decimal tab is used for numbers, and will align numbers around the decimal point
Decimal tab in Word

Once you’ve selected the type of tab you want, drag it to the position you need on the ruler.

Your lines will now follow the rules set by the tab stop. You can adjust your tab by dragging the tab stop whenever you need to.

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