How to double space in Word: The definitive guide

Did you know there are lots of different ways to double-space in Word?

One of these is simply to tap the return key twice whenever you want to add a double space; another is to format your paragraph design.

In this article, let’s take a look at what double spacing is, why you might want to use it, and how to do it.

What is double spacing in Word?

Double spacing usually refers to the space between lines and paragraphs in a Word document.

It can make it easier to skim text in search of vital information, making managing documents easier.

Double spacing can also refer to the spacing between words.

It used to be common to put a double space between a full stop and the start of a new sentence, but this is rarely done these days. 

If you do want to put a double space between words, it’s as simple as tapping the space bar twice.

How to do double spacing in Word: Step-by-step

Double spacing in Word is quick and easy to do once you know how.

If your document is locked, start by unlocking Word. This will ensure you can make edits as needed.

Next, pick the section of your document you want to double-space.

You can do this by highlighting the relevant text with your cursor.

If you’d like to double-space the whole document, there’s no need to highlight specific sections — Word will automatically double-space the entire text.

Next, go to the “Design” tab at the top of Word.

How to do double spacing in Word

In Design, click “Paragraph spacing”.

You’ll be given a menu with various spacing options. Scroll down to “Double” and click it.

You should find your text is now double-spaced.

If you don’t want to format your document after it’s written, you can set your document to automatically double-space right from the start.

Simply select ‘Double’ in the “Design” “Paragraph spacing” menu before you begin typing.

If you skip back and forth between different line spacing formats, it can be useful to learn the keyboard shortcuts for each i.e.

  • Ctrl+2 for PC or Command+2 for Mac will switch your document to double spacing.
  • Ctrl+5 (PC) or Command+5 (Mac) will produce 1.5 spacing.
  • Ctrl+1 (PC) or Command+1 (Mac) will give you single line spacing.

How to remove double spacing in Word

To remove double spacing in Word, select the text you want to change and head back to the “Design” menu. Next, go to “Paragraph spacing”.

How to remove double spacing in Word

Find the spacing option you prefer, and click this. Word will then reformat the spacing of the selected text.

If you want to know how to turn off double spacing in Word, that’s easy too.

You can either switch to your preferred spacing before you start typing or use the keyboard commands above to turn on your preferred spacing format.

All good document generation software should enable you to turn double spacing off and on with ease.

Knowing how to change to double spacing in Word is a game-changer

Knowing how to change to double spacing in Word can help you quickly generate documents that are easy to read and look professional.

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