What is an attestation form?

An attestation form is a way of legally confirming that an accompanying document, such as a will, is authentic and that all relevant legal processes were followed in the making of it. 

Of course, the document itself will need to follow any relevant state and federal requirements, but it can also help to have an attestation form to prove its authenticity.

In this article, we will look at attestation forms in more detail, when they are needed, and some examples.

When is attestation required?

Attestation forms are most commonly used for wills and testaments or when a durable power of attorney (POA) is being assigned.

In essence, they’re a form completed by a third party (i.e. someone not related in any way to those signing the original document). 

An attestation form can be useful in any situation where a legal document needs supporting evidence to prove it’s authentic and legally valid. 

To complete an attestation form, the signatory (or signatories) need to witness the signing of the main document.

For example, John Smith might witness the signing of a will and then sign an attestation form to confirm its execution followed the proper procedures and that it was legally signed in the presence of witnesses. 

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It’s worth noting that the legalities may differ from state to state, so you should check the formal requirements for your location before creating your document. 

Other examples of attestation forms

While the main type of attestation forms are those that confirm the authenticity of legal documents, such as wills, there are examples that deviate from this. 

Rather than being ‘witness’ forms, these take the form of ‘self-attestation’ or may be confirmation that the documents submitted are genuine (this is different from notarization).

A simple definition of attesting is: “to show, say, or prove that something exists or is true.”

Keep this in mind when considering whether you need an attestation form for your current issue or circumstances. 

Examples of scenarios where an attestation form might be needed include:

  • To show your vaccination status for various health-related requirements (such as the recent pandemic).
  • To prove citizenship or resident status in different countries. 
  • To demonstrate your current financial status in cases such as bankruptcy proceedings. 
  • To confirm the validity of certain documents for visa purposes.
  • To prove the authenticity of a witness statement in civil and criminal cases. 

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