Everybody wants to work smarter (not harder).

But just because you have fancy business software to help you do that, doesn’t mean you’re always able to achieve it.

The upgraded PandaDoc + Zendesk Sell integration is so smart that it’ll literally increase your IQ.

OK maybe not literally.

But we can promise that using the integration will make your document processes streamlined, scalable, and successful. Curious to see a demo of the integration in action? Then just watch this video below!

Take a second to think about your current document process for sending and receiving important business transactions. How much time is wasted copying and pasting from your CRM to a static Word doc or .pdf?

For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll assume it’s a lot of wasted time.

Integrating PandaDoc within Zendesk Sell eliminates that monotonous work. Create proposals, quotes, contracts and invoices without ever leaving the Zendesk Sell CRM. Simply select which leads, company, person or deals you want a doc for and — BAM. You’ve got yourself a fully personalized document created automatically.

Plus, you’ll also be able to send and track documents in real-time. Your CRM data saved within Zendesk Sell will automatically populate within new documents. AND you can collect legally binding electronic signatures from these docs.

Phew. That’s a lot of features we just rattled off.

Are you still with us? Would a bulleted list of cool stuff you can do with this integration help?

Well then, here ya go!

  • Consolidated documents – build proposals, quotes and contracts directly from tokens in Zendesk Sell – including leads, companies, people and deals. Benefit from having all documents and opportunity-related conversations stored in one place.
  • Auto-populated fields – enhance workflow automation by easily auto-populating documents with key data from Zendesk Sell, including contacts, products and terms.
  • Brand consistency – access, customize and send content directly within Zendesk Sell. The PandaDoc content library houses all of your sales and marketing collateral, ensuring anytime access to on-brand content – right at your fingertips.
  • Streamlined payments – add payment options to documents so that clients can accept your proposals, quotes or invoices and pay straight away.

This article would be seriously lacking if we didn’t mention how the integration was built to improve collaboration. You can now co-author, comment, and review documents alongside co-workers, partners, and clients. All without ever leaving Zendesk Sell to do it.

If you got to the bottom of this article, then you’re already working smarter. Congrats!

Now go try this integration out for yourself! And let us know what you think.

Oh and for anyone looking to dive deeper. Take a look at our support page for some more in-depth information for this integration.