We do our shopping, get our news, and keep in touch online. For most of us, the screens of our computers, phones, or iPads are the first things we see in the morning and the last we see at night. We’ve become accustomed to information at our fingertips in a manner of nanoseconds, while we’re out to lunch, on a plane, in the office or at home. We want to make decisions quickly, and to sign off on them in a matter of seconds.

Word-processing documents no longer make sense. It’s time for business documents to be completely integrated into our fast-paced, cloud-based world. Even in the same office, you need a SaaS that allows you to work together on documents, not a Word doc that you have to download, edit, email, upload, and re-download again.

Your clients are the same way. They want to spend less time on the documents you send. Want a proposal to be accepted, a contract to be signed, or an invoice to be paid? Make it easy for them to accept, sign, pay, negotiate, ask you questions, forward for managerial approval, etc.

“Emailing documents around is not an option if you want to have a clear and transparent workflow.”

Those days of emailing, printing and signing documents, then scanning and emailing them back are of yesterday. Twenty-seven countries have given legal weight to e-signatures, with many more in the works. This means that you can take advantage of the mobile world for the end-to-end process of any contractual or business document, and you can get things signed and confirmed in a matter of moments!

It’s time for PandaDoc

PandaDoc offers you a solution to draft, send, track, annotate, and sign documents in a fast, secure and professional way.

We realized it was high time that you had a platform for modern, multi-media documents that can be built, sent, opened and signed quickly and easily online. And we are building a rock-solid cloud-based platform and dependable, down-to-earth service that responds and evolves with customer needs.