Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement

A Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement is a contract that establishes the rules and conditions for renting a residential property. It includes important details such as the landlord and tenant's identities, the rental property's address, the lease term's length, payment schedules, and the rights and duties of both parties.

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Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement

Ensure you adhere to state laws with our legitimate Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement template.

A Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement protects the interests of the landlord and tenant and facilitates a lawful and seamless rental process by setting out guidelines for tenants to follow. It offers legal defense in conflicts and can be presented as proof in court. It’s a vital tool for ensuring a fair and transparent rental relationship.

Security Deposit 

The current regulations are particularly advantageous for landlords, especially those offering furnished accommodations requiring a substantial security deposit.

  • Most states enforce stricter rules on security deposits compared to Colorado, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Colorado revises its laws in the future. 
  • The nationwide trend is leaning towards more tenant-friendly legislation. Most states have implemented:
  • Reduced timeframes for deposit returns
  • Mandatory escrow accounts for holding security deposits
  • A maximum limit on deposits, typically equivalent to one month’s rent

An apartment lease agreement in Colorado’s default timeframe for returning a security deposit is one month. This can be extended to a maximum of 60 days if the lease allows it. This is the most prolonged duration among all states. To enforce this extended period, the tenant must sign the Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement in writing.

Entry and Access 

In an apartment lease agreement in Colorado, in an emergency, the landlord has the right to access the property without giving prior notice. However, for prearranged repairs or inspections, the landlord must provide the tenant with a written notice at least 24 hours in advance.

Pets Policy 

A Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement has certain restrictions regarding financial matters related to pets, as follows:

  • There’s a maximum limit of $300 for pet deposits, regardless of the property’s rental price. 
  • Additionally, if landlords charge pet rent to offset potential damages, clear limits are set—either $35 per month or 1.5% of the monthly rent, whichever amount is higher.
  • These regulations were implemented starting January 1, 2024. 

The law brings in distinctive clauses, for instance, barring landlords from imposing a lien on a tenant’s pet. This might appear unusual, but it highlights the all-encompassing scope of the legislation. Both property owners and tenants must familiarize themselves with these changes to adhere to the updated legal structure.


To comply with federal and state regulations, a Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement must incorporate the following:

  • A disclosure about lead-based paint for properties constructed before 1978
  • A statement regarding any previous bedbug infestations
  • A declaration outlining the policies on marijuana usage
  • A warning about potential radon gas risks
  • A crime-free addendum, if mandated by local laws