Hospital contract management software

Transform the contract lifecycle management across your healthcare facility. PandaDoc lets healthcare practitioners streamline the most critical parts of hospital contract management systems: contract generation, approvals, negotiations, and eSigning.

Don’t let document challenges stop you

Our contract lifecycle management software helps you store all data in a single location while organizing them according to different contract types.

Contract renewal

Staying on top of contracts coming up for renewal is a major task for most contract managers. Many healthcare facilities operate at thin profit margins, so letting contracts lapse without initiating renewal processes can result in lost revenues. However, PandaDoc contract management solution features tools to stay on top of your hospital contracts coming up for renewal. Users can set up automated contract renewal reminders at any point in the contract lifecycle, which significantly improves the efficiency of renewing contracts before they expire.

Renewals List

Contract tracking

While underpayments can take a hefty bite out of profits, underperformance over the contract lifecycle can also hurt your organization. By compiling all contract data, healthcare contract management software shows you what contracts perform at a high level and which ones flag behind the rest. Administrative and operational costs add up quickly in the healthcare industry, and identifying which contracts do not perform adequately will help you decide which contracts are a benefit to your organization and which are not.

Contract Analytics

Content locking and controls

When creating a hospital contract document, it’s important to lock-in the data you wish to remain through the review process. Collaborating to create and finalize a hospital contract with PandaDoc removes the unnecessary headaches caused by other collaborators overwriting form data. PandaDoc contract management software features tools for locking blocks of content in place to ensure none of your collaborators will mistakenly modify agreed-upon terms or sections.

Document Content Locked

Data security and compliance

Document security is a crucial component of contract management for healthcare organizations. It is important that your contract management system generates an audit trail in the event of an audit. Implementing the right contract management that is flexible and can scale with your organization to support the entire contract lifecycle will help save your organization money, eliminate waste, and ultimately provide a better level of care to your patients. PandaDoc contract management software features SOC 2 compliance, so you can be certain your data will remain safe.


Reduce administrative costs

Administrative costs associated with contract management can eat into profits at an alarming speed. Paper contracts bog down facilities and working hours while also introducing considerably more opportunity for error, which ultimately leads to compliance issues. With the right contract management solution in place, you can automate the generation of new contracts from contract templates, cutting down on instances of user error, which helps save on document management costs, compliance costs, and personnel costs.

Templates Library

Why is it so important to use contract management software in the hospital field?

The healthcare industry is a difficult and dynamic industry. Operating costs remain high throughout and compliance is expensive. Whether you are onboarding a new provider or forging a relationship with a new vendor, PandaDoc hospital contract software gives you ‘spend visibility’ to streamline contract analysis processes.

What is ‘spend visibility’ among my hospital contracts?

Spend visibility refers to readily available spend data generated across your hospital contracts. Analyzing your spend data has many benefits, including reducing costs, increasing efficiency or improving supplier relationships. Your spend visibility and analysis allows you to proactively pin down savings opportunities while maximizing your buying power.

Should I be concerned about my hospital contract security?

Yes, absolutely, but we’ve got you covered. Your hospital contract security is a top priority at PandaDoc, that’s why we’re SOC 2 Type 1 certified and fully GDPR compliant. We use cutting-edge technology through Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure that any data you share with us is safe and secure.

Tell me about my hospital contract accessibility, can I share contracts with collaborators?

Yes, in fact, we recommend it! By assigning your staff and clients the responsibility to securely access specified hospital contracts from a centrally located area, you save time, money, and unnecessary headache. PandaDoc is available any time from any internet-enabled device so you can even access your hospital contracts on-the-go.

Should I set all my hospital contracts to “auto-renew”?

While some contracts are perfectly suitable for auto-renew and using this feature seems like an effective time-saver, setting all your hospital contracts to auto-renew could be a mistake. Consider how the contract renewal process helps you avoid lost opportunities to re-engage with your client or vendor for more favorable terms. Take advantage of this feature, but don’t shortcut yourself out of a better deal.