BrandStar reduced proposal creation time by 60% by using PandaDoc

BrandStar Customer Story

The Challenge

BrandStar is a fully vertically and horizontally integrated production, marketing agency and content exchange platform. With growth and a number of acquisitions now under their belt, the company grappled with the use of multiple platforms for their operations. The lack of standardization made their processes inefficient and complicated, with different teams using different products for the exact same tasks.

The Solution

BrandStar implemented PandaDoc to address their proposal workflow challenges, streamlining their processes and supporting strategic growth with its scalability. By adopting PandaDoc, the company saw a 60% reduction in time to create proposals and a significant improvement in brand consistency across the company’s verticals.

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The struggle to standardize

BrandStar creates dynamic marketing strategies and compelling content, leveraging their expertise as a blend of a production company and marketing agency. They specialize in connecting brands with their target audience through creative storytelling and innovative technology.

As a company dealing with several national brands, BrandStar was juggling multiple e-signature  and digital products across their verticals. As new services got acquired under the BrandStar umbrella, they also struggled to standardize their operations.

Jose Boza is the Chief Technology Officer at BrandStar. When new acquisitions take place, he works to standardize operations, improve efficiency and maintain brand consistency across multiple verticals. Jose had seen firsthand the impact of the PandaDoc and HubSpot integration at BrandStar and led the company-wide initiative to ensure this solution was adopted across all applicable teams.

Helping BrandStar grow fast 

BrandStar measured the success of implementing PandaDoc across its organization by closely monitoring employee utilization rates and time to create. They looked at the efficiency gains by comparing the time it previously took their team to prepare proposals manually vs. the streamlined, automated process enabled by PandaDoc.

BrandStar’s use of the HubSpot and PandaDoc integration has helped cut down a significant amount of time spent on manual tasks by all teams.

“As long as the team is in HubSpot filling out everything they need to, they can generate a document in PandaDoc. It’s a one-click operation that kind of kicks the whole thing off,” Jose said.

By bringing in all customer information and auto-populating fields, PandaDoc has given time back to the BrandStar sales team and drives standardization and efficiency without slowing down their ability to get things done.

Streamlining payments with PandaDoc

BrandStar is using PandaDoc Payments to allow customers to pay via Stripe right from the proposal, eliminating the need for a separate payment process The feature also tailors the payment mechanism based on the customer’s size or specific market.

“We get paid faster,” said Jose. “They just click on it, they submit it, and away they go.”

The PandaDoc Payments is especially helpful in their regional markets, where payment via credit card is preferred.

Digging deeper with Document Analytics

With PandaDoc’s Document Analytics, BrandStar takes advantage of tracking every action a prospect takes, paving the way for strategic communication and timely problem solving.

By tracking when a document is opened, how long it’s viewed and what sections receive the most attention, BrandStar can tailor their follow-up conversations to address specific interests or concerns highlighted by these interactions. This level of detail enables a more personalized engagement strategy with prospects and helps them to refine their proposals over time, identifying trends and patterns that inform how they structure future documents for maximum impact.

“We can see when something was opened, when it was delivered, how long someone spent on a page, and more. For us, that’s been critical as we move forward,” Jose said.

Reduced time to create by 60%

Since implementing PandaDoc, BrandStar has reduced the time for proposal creation by 60% and expedited their lead to cash with PandaDoc Payments. With a robust document management solution in place, BrandStar has the tools needed to better serve customers and scale their operations at the rate of their growth ambitions.

The Power of PandaDoc

PandaDoc’s ability to scale and integrate with the HubSpot CRM helps support BrandStar’s growth goals by supporting them as the ultimate document workflow solution as they continue to build their brand. With our user-friendly interface and powerful features, PandaDoc continues to help BrandStar deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive strategic growth. Ready to scale proposal creation with PandaDoc? Book a demo

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