ResellerRatings reduces turnaround time by four days with the PandaDoc for HubSpot integration

ResellerRatings uses PandaDoc’s HubSpot integration to automate the document creation process, saving each rep 50 hours per month creating proposals

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ResellerRatings gives voice to millions of shopper experiences and helps more than 3,500 retail brands promote discovery, build trust, and increase conversions through an integrated suite of user-generated content (UGC) tools.

The problem

ResellerRatings focuses on configuring, integrating, and creating documents that secure upsells, new business, and partnerships. Document generation is an integral part of their contract building process. Several of the daily tasks were manually executed. This required teams to constantly cross-reference data across several systems to ensure accuracy. The day-to-day process was lengthy and extremely convoluted. They needed software that could make things easier. 

“With an outdated process that required manual task management, delays were prevalent!” Christina Kay, VP of Marketing 

Auditing issues were prevalent with this process. The possibility of errors with details within contract or customer records was at an all time high. In addition, the records were missing necessary financial details for the accounting team. The presence of these issues were magnified during the pandemic. ResellerRatings made it their mission to streamline internal processes and speed up the agreement process. The search began for a software that would automate their process, and give their contract the look and feel that they want.

The solution

The possibilities of automation were the driving force in the decision to implement PandaDoc. The HubSpot integration was the icing on top. The sales team benefited greatly from both. The Pandadoc HubSpot integration automates the document creation process while providing accounting benefits. The contract generated is linked to the appropriate record, noting the customer’s financial obligations.

Customization of the document became one of the biggest benefits for ResellerRatings. They were able to build an interactive contract that their customers loved. The inclusion of the welcome video has been noted as the perfect touch. Customers have confirmed that they love the overall user experience, and this method makes it much easier to sign documents. 

“The document is sexier! With the possibilities of personalization, you can really bring your brand to life!” Christina Kay, VP of Marketing

As the team worked on PandaDoc, there were several features that became customary to use. Document bundlingelectronic signaturetemplates, and conditional content were popular selections in the document generation process. 

The results

As the team adjusted to PandaDoc, success happened quickly. The sales team was able to save over 50 hours per person per month. In addition, the sales team was able to establish a faster document turnaround time by eliminating unnecessary steps and removing roadblocks. ResellerRatings was able to successfully simplify their document process, and eliminate loads of manual work. 

“We have truly transformed our entire process. We have PandaDoc to thank for that.” Christina Kay, VP of Marketing

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