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Trustpoint.One has a global footprint with multiple points of expertise. Trustpoint.One is one of the largest integrated legal solutions providers in the country. Our solutions address the entire litigation life cycle, from beginning to end. It’s everything you need in a one stop destination. This is legal solutions, simplified.

The problem

For Trustpoint.One, managing legal documents was complex beyond a reasonable doubt. Working with more than 1,000 attorneys and paralegals, as well as 3,000 qualified translators while covering 5,000 depositions per year, the need for a document solution built upon simplicity and efficiency was key.  

Phil Shellhaas, Executive VP of e-Discovery Services, shared his team’s challenges while using other document solutions. From Adobe to DocuSign, their experiences were filled with limitations and cost concerns. Critical features were missing, too.

According to Shellhaas,

“We weren’t able to generate documents in it (DocuSign). We weren’t able to pay the cost if we wanted to go full bore with them. We just couldn’t do it.”

Other things caused trouble for Trustpoint, as well.

Shellhaas continued:

“If a rep went rogue and changed payment terms from one amount of days to another, we would have to read every line in order to catch that. There were no checks and balances in place.” 

The need for an efficient, cost-effective solution prompted a shift to explore PandaDoc.

The solution

Matt Mahon, Executive Director, Cyber and Discovery Services, had previous experience with PandaDoc and this proved pivotal. A three-minute pitch to the CFO outlined the benefits: improved workflow, better communication and risk mitigation.

All at a smaller cost compared to DocuSign. He noted, “The CFO said yes in two seconds.”  From that point on, Trustpoint.One embraced PandaDoc, creating a tailored workflow for legal talent, discovery services and more. 

Shellhaas added,

“Now, we’re not worried about a rogue rep making some changes to the terms that we’re not going to review eight pages of T’s and C’s before we approve a contract. We had none of that before.” PandaDoc templates enabled us to lock down terms and conditions, language and pricing blocks.”

The results

The impact was immediate. PandaDoc gave Trustpoint.One better visibility and ownership over documents. Locked terms and conditions ensured appropriate governance and compliance. The time-consuming redlining process was optimized, allowing for quick, collaborative document creation. 

Additionally, there was increased creativity among reps, balanced by an approval process ensuring a consistent brand representation. The verdict: PandaDoc delivers a straightforward and intuitive experience. “The ease of implementation is definitely a win,” Mahon affirmed.

Now, with 51 activated Trustpoint users, PandaDoc has become an integral part of their daily operations. Real-time notifications through the PandaDoc app ensured that nothing slipped through the cracks. Trustpoint.One’s case exemplifies a transformation from complexity to simplicity.

“Better workflow, communication, risk mitigation, and better visibility,”

stated Mahon. All established convincingly, thanks to PandaDoc.

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