Overview of electronic signature law and its legality in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is an island located off the northwest coast of England. The island isn’t a part of the United Kingdom, but is considered a self-governing entity under the supervision of the British Home Office. Its inhabitants are mostly British citizens.

Since the Isle of Man is not part of the UK or the European Union, it’s not bound to the eIDAS regulations. However, the island did pass its own legislation regarding eSignatures. The Electronic Transactions Act of 2000 states that a transaction cannot be deemed invalid simply because it took place electronically.

The electronic signature law in the Isle of Man

According to the Electronic Transactions Act of 2000, eSignatures are recognized as legally valid on the Isle of Man. However, exceptions may apply if there is a statutory provision stating otherwise.

And the law specifies that if an individual gives electronic signatures, steps must be taken to ensure that there is a method in place to identify that person, and that the electronic signature device used must be a reliable and appropriate method of communication.

The law also states that electronic documents cannot be deemed inadmissible in a court of law simply for being electronic in form.

The information can be submitted in court and will be evaluated based on:

  • How reliably the document was generated
  • Whether the integrity of the document was maintained
  • Whether the originator of the document can be easily identified

An overview of the Isle of Man’s legal model

The Isle of Man has never been a part of the UK, it is considered a British Crown Dependency. The island sets its own laws, government, and parliament. However, the UK government is responsible for its international relations.

The Manx legal system is based on the principles of English common law. When it comes to criminal law, family law, and contract law, the island closely resembles English law. However, the island has forged its own path when it comes to finance, taxation, and company law.

Can you use PandaDoc software on the Isle of Man?

Yes, PandaDoc software is compliant with the Electronic Transactions Act of 2000 and can be used on the Isle of Man. When you sign a contract using our software, you can create protected PDFs and receive an electronic signing certified for added security, ensuring that your contracts are legally binding.