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Create better proposals in less time and close deals faster with Base CRM and PandaDoc.

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Top Features

The PandaDoc content library puts your sales and marketing collateral at your fingertips inside Base CRM. Easily access, customize, and send any piece of content from inside your deals screen.

Proposal creation is faster than ever thanks to the PandaDoc document builder. A drag and drop interface makes it easy to create detailed, visually stunning proposals with custom pricing tables, attached content, and embedded media.

PandaDoc templates ensure brand compliance and document accuracy while saving you time. Simply create a new document, choose a template, and watch as key customer and opportunity data is added to your document automatically.

Need to work well with others? You’ll love the collaboration features built right into PandaDoc. When you add PandaDoc to Base CRM, you’ll be able to co-author, comment, and review documents alongside co-workers, partners, and clients without leaving your desk.


Who Uses PandaDoc for Base CRM

CIOs and IT Managers

PandaDoc keeps your company’s documents safe and secure and makes user management easier than ever.

Sales Operations

Get actionable insights into how your sales team uses documents to get things done.

Sales Representatives

Create better proposals, quotes, and contracts in less time with PandaDoc and Base CRM.


PandaDoc data centers (handled by Amazon AWS) are state of the art, utilizing innovative architectural and engineering approaches. By relying on Amazon’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure, we allow you to send proposals, quotes, and contracts without fear of them falling into the wrong hands. Our cloud servers are the same ones used by NASA, J.P. Morgan Chase, and NASDAQ! Learn more


PandaDoc delivers more value per dollar than any other document automation software on the market. Our business plan is perfect for Base CRM users, and includes unlimited documents, templates, and electronic signatures. Need to get even more out of PandaDoc? Our enterprise solutions offer dedicated account managers, API access, and powerful content control features at a price you won’t believe.

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