Kentucky Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

A landlord and tenant can enter a tenancy at-will arrangement under a Kentucky month-to-month lease agreement. This frees up the parties from long-term binding agreements while guaranteeing rights protection. This type of agreement auto-renews monthly, provided none of the parties issues a termination notice.

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Kentucky Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Entering a Kentucky month-to-month lease agreementgives the landlord and tenant more flexibility. However, they must follow applicable state laws during this period. 

Lease Termination & Renewal

  • State law requires 30-day written notice from landlords or tenants to terminate the lease. 
  • Renews every month until either the tenant or the landlord issues a termination notice. 

Rent Increases

  • If a rental unit in Kentucky is leased month-to-month, landlords must provide tenants with a 30-day advance written notice in case of a rent increase.
  • There’s no control over rent increases in the state.

Security Deposit 

  • Kentucky has no fixed limit on security deposit amounts. Generally, landlords charge an equivalent of one or two month’s rent. 
  • Rental laws require security deposits to be held in a separate account, with tenants informed of the account details.
  • When moving in, landlords must provide a checklist of existing property conditions. The tenant must also complete the checklist before paying rent. 
  • Upon moving out, landlords must provide an itemized list explaining any deposit funds retained for repairs.  
  • Landlords must refund deposits, less any documented damages, within 30-60 days after moving out. 
  • Tenants have 60 days to dispute claimed damages. 
  • If landlords fail to use a separate account, they forfeit deposit withholding rights. 

Tenant Rights

  • Right to 30-day advance written notice from the landlord to terminate or modify the terms of the month-to-month rental agreement.
  • Right to receive sufficient advance notice 30 days of any proposed rent increases.
  • Right to habitable and code-compliant housing. 
  • Right to functional essential utilities as stipulated in the lease terms.
  • Right to advanced notice from the landlord 48 hours before entry into the unit.
  • Right to know the contact details of parties responsible for property oversight.
  • Right to dispute unfair security deposit withholdings after move-out.
  • Right to inspect the unit after landlord assessments to validate damage claims.
  • Right to terminate the lease without further obligations if the unit suffers casualty damage.
  • Right to formal court hearings in disputes before landlord-initiated lockouts or utility cutoffs.
  • Right to end leases early due to factors like protective orders or military transfers.
  • Rights against discrimination in housing. 

Required Disclosures

State laws and regulations require that landlords make certain disclosures when offering a Kentucky month-to-month lease agreement. This ensures tenants have pertinent information on the condition of the property and obligations during the tenancy. 

The mandated disclosures include: 

  • Lead-based paint: Landlords must disclose if lead-based paint is present in pre-1978 housing.
  • Authorized contacts: Contact details must be provided for landlords, property managers, and others with access.
  • Security deposit: Details on security deposit banking account location and account number must be shared.
  • Checklist: When collecting a security deposit, written assessments of the property’s condition are required at the start and end of the tenancy.