Chaos to Control: Proven strategies to improve document management, user adoption, and customer experience

Our speakers

Olivia Van Wormer Direction of Account Management at PandaDoc

Jarron Vosburg Vice President, Sales at Jumpcrew

Daniel Bennett Senior Business Analyst at Impact Networking

Katrina Shuler Senior System Analyst at Anchorage School District

Multiple teams, dozens of templates, thousands of documents.

It’s easy for mid to large size organisations to have their document processes spiral out of control, even with a tool like PandaDoc in place.

That’s why we’ve invited 3 real life PandaDoc customers that have demonstrated excellence with their management, workflows, and processes inside PandaDoc – leading to higher user adoption, decreased security and compliance risk, and better customer outcomes.

Learn first hand what features, processes, and best practices you can steal and apply to your own instance of PandaDoc.

By attending this special event you can expect to:

1. Learn how customers with dozens of users are structuring their account for better organization, increased security, and easier administration.

2. Hear how complex document workflows can be made simple and increase user adoption

3. Understand how leading organizations are enabling their users to personalize the customer experience in a scalable, trackable, and repeatable way.