Louisiana Room Rental Agreement

The Louisiana Room Rental Agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the responsibilities and rights of the landlord and tenant of a rental property in Louisiana. This agreement stipulates the terms of use for the common areas within the property.

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Louisiana Room Rental Agreement

Use our legitimate downloadable Louisiana Room Rental Agreement template to adhere to state laws.

This Louisiana Room Rental Agreement facilitates the addition of a tenant for an individual room on the property, with the understanding that the cost of rent and utilities will be divided proportionally according to the space each lessee occupies. As this is a legally enforceable contract, all specifics of the arrangement must be documented within the contract.

Moreover, providing the tenant with any disclosures mandated by law is essential. For instance, it’s a federal requirement to inform tenants about lead-based paints in properties built before 1978. This information is equally important and must be included in the room rental agreement.

Access to the Room 

  • The landlord can access the rented and shared spaces for maintenance, repairs, or inspections.
  • The tenant’s right to privacy is respected, and the owner must give reasonable notice before entering.
  • The landlord has the prerogative to enter the rented room and shared areas for upkeep, repairs, or inspections, provided they give the tenant adequate notice.

Guest & Pets Policy 

Landlords can establish guest policies to safeguard their property.

  • Tenants are held accountable for any problems caused by their guests. This is typically explicitly stated in rental agreements, covering exceptions or special circumstances.
  • The standard duration of a guest’s stay, as per most lease arrangements, isn’t more than two (2) weeks without written consent from the owner.
  • Stipulate that a guest must be added as a tenant under the lease after a certain period. 
  • The landlord may restrict the number of guests a tenant can have at any given time. This is often based on local occupancy rules and considerations such as noise levels. 
  • While tenants primarily control their private units, owners generally manage common areas. Many guest policies also restrict the use of on-site parking.

Pet Policy: Specify if the subtenant is allowed to house pets on the premises. If pets are permitted, the policy should include details such as the pet’s name, breed, and the name of the pet’s owner.

Security Deposit Regulations 

  • In Louisiana, landlords must refund the deposit within a 30-day window following the tenant’s departure. If any portion of the deposit is used for repair costs, the owner must provide an itemized breakdown of these expenses.