Marketing automation software

Increase your close rates by up to 36% in 50% less time. Use PandaDoc to improve business efficiency and streamline document operations with user-friendly drag-and-drop tools, content locking, and detailed analytics to improve performance over time.

Marketing automation software
increase in completed docs
per month
decrease in document
creation time
increase in close rate

Create and control a workflow that works for everyone

Take total control over your company’s document process. Create a custom workflow that not only meets your standards, but is easy for everyone at your org to adopt.

Foster collaboration between your marketing and sales teams

Everyone talks about sales and marketing alignment, but in practice it can be challenging to do. PandaDoc makes it easy for true marketing and sales alignment by allowing both teams to contribute to document creation, collaborate directly in the doc, and provide real-time feedback so all necessary stakeholders can be on the same page. With sales and marketing automation software in place, both teams can spend less time chasing down feedback on critical documents and more time focusing on your customers.

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Attract and convert new customers

There’s an art to lead generation. With PandaDoc, you can craft perfect, personalized proposals every time. Easily update existing templates, embed rich media, and include interactive pricing tables, all in the service of attracting and converting new customers. 

Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities give you insight into when a document was opened, how much time was spent on it, or when it was completed. You’ll have the data you need to improve future proposals right at your fingertips.

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Make changes that matter to your customers

No two businesses are the same. What works for one business with one target audience may not work for another business. That’s why PandaDoc offers real-time analytics for each of your customers. We’ll show you which pages perform well and which pages your customers don’t interact with, allowing you to make the necessary changes that will matter most to your customers. 

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Create a workflow that works

With PandaDoc, you can build a workflow that easily automates  tedious administrative tasks, notifies team members when important tasks need to be completed, and allows your entire organization to instantly create stunning, on-brand business documents.   

Workflows are easy for each person in your organization to implement and follow, allowing your business operations to be streamlined, efficient, and simple. It also maintains a consistent customer and prospect experience at every point along the journey.

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Streamline your document creation process

Choose from over 750 professionally designed templates to help you get important docs out the door in less time. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to customize templates to meet the exact needs of your brand. Embed rich media, interactive pricing tables, videos, GIFs, and more into your templates so you can share across your entire team with the click of a button.

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Frequently asked questions

How does PandaDoc improve marketing performance?

Our automated marketing system improves performance in three major areas: document creation time, time to close, and document analytics. 

Save time drawing up new documents by using done-for-you, customizable templates and collaborating on documents with multiple team members. Our customers use  eye-catching, media-rich documents to increase their close rates by up to 36%. 

By combining these three major benefits, you can streamline your marketing process, increase your close rates, and improve each customer interaction. 

How is PandaDoc different from other marketing automation software?

PandaDoc is the only marketing automation solution that serves all your document needs across teams in one streamlined piece of software. 

Unlike brands like Nusii, Qwilr, or Proposify, PandaDoc offers end-to-end document creation, workflow automations, and detailed document analytics. You can create, send, track, and follow up on proposals, receive detailed document reports, collect legally-binding eSignatures, and process payments all within your PandaDoc account.

How secure is PandaDoc’s marketing automation software?

PandaDoc’s data centers are handled by Amazon AWS and are designed to be as secure as possible. PandaDoc is SOC II Type II certified, ESIGN & UETA, GDPR, HIPAA, and FERPA compliant. So no matter what kind of sensitive data you handle, we keep it secure. 

Do automated marketing systems create boring documents?

PandaDoc’s automated marketing systems create beautiful, dynamic documents. With over 750 professionally deisgned templates to choose from, creating a stunning document can be done in minutes.

We get how important your brand is. That’s why we’ve made it easy to update templates with your unique branding, no coding required. Drag-and-drop capabilities and media-rich tables help you create beautiful documents that provide your customers with the necessary information while also infusing your personality into every touchpoint. 

How much does PandaDoc’s marketing automation software cost?

We offer four different pricing packages:

  • Free eSign: If you just want to upload eSignatures and collect payments, this service is completely free. 
  • Essentials: Includes document templates and a built-in editor for $19/month/user.
  • Business: In addition to the features of the Essentials package, the Business package adds CRM integration and automated workflows for $49/month/user.

Enterprise: If you need even more capabilities and integrations, our sales team would  to talk to you about a customized Enterprise plan. 

Is there a trial period?

Yes! PandaDoc offers a  14-day free trial — no credit card required — which can help you determine if PandaDoc is the right fit for your company.