Missouri Real Estate Purchase Agreement

The Missouri real estate purchase agreement is a formal record confirming the transfer of residential property ownership. Both the buyer and seller utilize this document to outline the essential conditions of the sale, including the agreed-upon price, the items that come with the property, the date of closing, and any specific requirements.

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Missouri Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Use our lawful Missouri real estate purchase agreement template to ensure you adhere to state laws.

A Missouri real estate purchase agreement is built upon these fundamental components:

  • A legitimate proposal from a buyer to acquire the property
  • The seller’s agreement to the buyer’s offer
  • Consideration, typically represented by the monetary exchange for the property in real estate contracts
  • A lawful objective ensures that the contract doesn’t infringe on any laws or incite parties to do so

According to the Missouri Statutes of Frauds, all real estate purchase agreements in Missouri must be documented in writing. A court won’t recognize or enforce an oral agreement to sell real estate. This ensures the legality and enforceability of the transaction.

Your real estate purchase agreement in Missouri should encompass the following crucial components:

  • The financial offer from the potential buyer, along with any additional compensation specifics
  • The closing date of the offer
  • Any obligations, rights, or terms that both parties need to adhere to
  • All the conditions that both parties wish to incorporate into the contract
  • Whether the property purchase is dependent on certain factors or not
  • Details regarding the financing of the purchase

This ensures that all parties clearly understand the transaction and their respective responsibilities.

Required Disclosures 

In Missouri, sellers aren’t obligated to provide property warranties unless they know of a problem that could endanger the buyer’s health or safety. Despite the state adhering to the principle of “buyer beware,” sellers must still disclose certain information to prospective buyers. 

Although there’s no legal requirement for sellers to provide a disclosure statement, it’s common practice in Missouri to include the following details in a real estate purchase agreement:

  • Methamphetamine Production: Sellers are obligated to reveal if the property was ever used for methamphetamine production. If so, they must complete Form DSC-5000.
  • Condominium/Co-Op/Shared Cost Development: Sellers are advised to use Form DSC-8000C, another disclosure form, to share any significant adverse facts.
  • Water Disposal Site or Demolition Landfill: If the property was previously used for demolition, landfill, or waste disposal, sellers must disclose this to buyers using the DSC-6000 form.
  • Lead-Based Paint: In US federal law, sellers of homes built in 1978 or earlier must warn potential buyers about the possible risks associated with lead-based paint.