Missouri Commercial Lease Agreement

When a tenant wants to rent a space for business purposes in Missouri, they must sign a commercial lease agreement. This document defines the obligations and responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord and the terms of payment, duration, and consequences for breaking this agreement.

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Missouri Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial agreements in Missouri are regulated by Missouri Code Title 29, Chapter 441. These contracts are more complex and lengthy than for residential properties, so it’s recommended to seek legal advice before signing one. Ensure you adhere to state laws with our customizable Missouri Commercial Lease Agreement template.

Security Deposit Limits and Handling

  • When tenants sign a Missouri Commercial Lease Agreement, they usually pay one month’s rent as a security deposit. 
  • The landlord keeps this money until the end of the lease and gives it back if the tenant follows all the contract terms and maintains the property well.
  • This money is also known as “damage deposits.” They’re extra funds that the landlord can use in case the tenant damages the property or fails to pay the rent.

Right of Entry for Inspections and Repairs

Unless the lease says otherwise, tenants in Missouri can deny landlords entry to their units. Landlords can avoid any hassles by communicating with tenants about why they need to access their units. When notifying a tenant that they want to enter their unit, the landlord should explain the purpose of the visit. Some common reasons are:

  • Fixing something, Regular maintenance (like pest control) 
  • Checking the condition of the property 
  • Seeing if the tenant has left the rental 
  • Showing the property to potential renters
  • Dealing with tenant safety or health code issues 
  • Delivering an eviction notice 
  • Following a court order 

In Missouri, without this information in the Missouri Commercial Lease Agreement—a legal agreement—landlords have a weak case when tenants block them from entering their units.

Environmental Responsibilities

  • Commercial lease agreements in Missouri are subject to certain laws and rules, such as those related to environmental risks, land use, and construction standards. 
  • Landlords and tenants should know these regulations to ensure their agreement follows the relevant laws.

Notice Requirements

Like in most other states, Missouri tenants must give written notice to end a periodic lease. These are the two notice requirements for terminating a lease in Missouri:

  • Monthly Lease – At least one month of notice before the rent due date. 
  • Yearly Lease with No End Date – 60 days of notice before the year ends. 

Landlords can pick the notice delivery method they like. The most popular ones in Missouri are:

  • Handing the letter personally 
  • Mailing the letter by registered or certified mail 

In any situation, Missouri tenants must look at the agreement to see if there are any special rules about notice deliveries.

Include Required Disclosures

In Missouri, landlords must follow federal rules on disclosing lead-based paint and utility payments for buildings built before 1978.

Before signing the lease, tenants must get this information from landlords because older buildings may have lead-based paint. A Missouri Commercial Lease Agreement must include the following:

  • A filled-out lead-based paint disclosure form 
  • Records or reports about the risk 
  • EPA information