Small Estate Affidavit Missouri Form

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Small Estate Affidavit Missouri Form

Thanks to a small estate affidavit form in Missouri, a deceased person’s property can be transferred to their successors without probate. Fill out, sign, and notarize the form online in minutes.

What Is a Small Estate Affidavit in Missouri?

Obtaining a small estate affidavit Missouri (MO) form helps interested parties avoid formal probate processes to handle the inheritance between successors. Depending on the target case, it takes about two months for a standard Missouri small estate affidavit to close it. Once the case is finalized, you, as an affiant, will have the right to operate the received assets any way desired. 

Small Estate Affidavit: Missouri Requirements

You will find the legal regulations of the sworn document in the Missouri small estate affidavit statute — paragraphs 473.090 through 473.107 for probate requirements and inheritance distribution. If you plan to be a project executor, please consider this:

  • Time After Death: 30 days
  • Small estate limit: $40,000 (as of 2022-2023)
  • Notarization: Obligatory

Time After Death of the Decedent

From the date of the deceased’s death to the moment you start filing the small estate affidavit form, you must wait thirty days (30) minimum.

Small estate limit

The Missouri small estate affidavit limit can’t exceed $40,000. It is regulated in accordance with Statutes of Missouri V.A.M.S. 473.097. You are responsible to pay the court representative for publishing a filing notice in the country if the gross estate balance to obtain is over $15,000.

Signing and Notarizing

The Missouri state requires you to notarize the small estate affidavit. 

You must submit the affidavit documents in the county where the deceased’s property belongs and sign it along with the notary public clerk. After you finish the process, you can transfer the pre-distributed assets of small estate belongings to their legal heirs in a probate-free way.

How to Get a Small Estate Affidavit in Missouri

The most obvious way to obtain a small estate affidavit in the state is to apply for professional lawyer assistance. These experts will guide you through filling out the affidavit and other preparation requirements to submit the sworn document without issues at the probate court. Take all the related files you have, including a decedent’s last will and testament, a bond waiver, and documentary identification details for current asset holders and fellow successors of the person who passed away.

To save time and money on visiting a lawyer in person, check the online small estate affidavit services. At PandaDoc, you will easily locate the best template, e-sign it, and proceed with cost-efficient notarization.

Small Estate Affidavit Missouri 2023: Instructions

This accurate recommendation list will help you not feel stuck when transferring the assets from the decedent:

  • When it comes to the roles of potential successors, you will be entitled as a legal heir only if you are the decedent’s spouse, child, sibling or parent.
  • MO small estate affidavit requires a detailed description of the deceased’s assets. You have to state all the personal possessions of the person who passed away, including cars, jewelry, bonds, equipment, and so on. 
  • Exclude joint property and real estate. Analyze the individual’s belongings and estimate their value with professionals if necessary.
  • Collect all the necessary files alongside the journey. The list of documents includes copies of the will and the death certificate of the deceased, as well as the signed agreement of other successors to initiate and participate in the small estate affidavit Missouri process.
  • Writing a standard small affidavit form, pay attention to the text notes that don’t require any notes and signatures. You will sign the document as it is, so missing the highlights it provides might be a mistake. Templates are adjusted to the target law statutes in the state of Missouri, which simplifies the experience for beginners.
  • Don’t forget to make copies. For better quality, get a scan of the death certificate and other files you decide on attaching to the small affidavit package.

How to Notarize Small Estate Affidavit Missouri Online

You can easily comply with the legal standards in Missouri and optimize the notarization process using our MO small estate affidavit form template. Download, modify, e-sign, and notarize the form in minutes — the PandaDoc Notary will come in handy.

Step 1: Register and Select the Affidavit Template

Register on PandaDoc and open the blank MO small estate affidavit form. If there are other affiants, add their emails to notify and invite them to collaborate on the document. 

Step 2: Fill out the Form

Check the fields and stick to the small estate affidavit instructions to succeed. Sign the document when the form is completed and state the date.

Step 3: Notarize

To proceed with notarization, switch to the Notary tab and press ‘Create a New Request’. Revise your form, make sure all data is correct, and press Notarize Now. The service will locate a notary for you and set a live video session to complete notarization.

Confirm your identity providing your state ID, passport, permanent residence card, or other document per your choice. The notary puts his/her signature, and you get a notarized MO small estate affidavit form.

Step 4: Download or Share

Once your form is notarized, feel free to use one of the varied storage formats and submit it for claiming your inheritance part. You can send it online, download pdf or get printable form copies.

How to Fill Out a Missouri Small Estate Affidavit

You are welcome to stick to the recommendations below on how to fulfill the small estate affidavit Missouri form step by step:

  • State of Missouri, country of — name the place where the person resided and where their belongings and possessions are located. Duplicate the country name in the line below.
  • Deceased — state the name of the decedent.
  • Box # — this paragraph is devoted to a case number. You can get it at the Missouri Probate Court.
  • Affiant — state your name and place of residence.
  • Line #1 — provide the name of the decedent, as well as their last residence place and date of death.
  • Line #2 — if the decedent left their will and testament, provide the date when it was acknowledged by the court.
  • Line #4 — describe the quality, characteristics, and values of the property of the person who passed away. Here you have to demonstrate your awareness of the individuals who currently possess these or those assets of the deceased.
  • Line #5 — if the decedent had real estate property, you will need to attach the corresponding document. Please note the affidavit will require the probate process then.
  • Line #6 — explain the relationships between the decedent and their successors. Don’t forget to state their addresses and names.
  • Line #11 — name the person who is assigned as the small estate affidavit designee.
  • Signature — sign the document as the form’s affiant.
  • Contact details — provide your phone number and address.
  • The Notary Public section — you submit the file to the official court representative to fulfill other fields and make this document sworn.


What is the purpose of a small estate affidavit in Missouri?

As a part of the legislation, the state of Missouri has created unique processes for affiants of small estate assets from the deceased. You can handle such matters more swiftly, inexpensively, and effectively. This is because the local administration does not intend for county Probate Courts to be overloaded with minor cases. Such deals are given express service.

What is the small estate affidavit amount in Missouri?

In the Missouri state, a small estate amount reaches $40,000 maximum. The sum is calculated after debts if any are settled.

Does a small estate affidavit need to be notarized in Missouri?

Yes, it is one of the most crucial Missouri affidavit requirements. Without a notarized MO small estate affidavit form, you won’t have the legitimacy to get a part of the distributed assets of the deceased.

How to file a small estate affidavit in Missouri?

Without experiencing the probate process, you have to fill out the form with all the required details and submit the form to the bank where the assets are located to access your percentage of the assets. Filing a small estate affidavit Missouri means gathering particular documents and providing them altogether. For instance, the copied death certificate and will of the deceased are necessary.

What does it cost for a small estate affidavit in Missouri?

In accordance with state law, you have to cover the filing fee of $65 dollars. However, it might cause more when other deals are included such as layer services. You can reduce the notarization cost by using online alternatives to signing the paper in front of a clerk — PandaDoc Notary is a way to go.