Montana Apartment Lease Agreement

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Montana Apartment Lease Agreement

Ensure you adhere to state laws with our professional Montana Apartment Lease Agreement template.

Under an apartment lease agreement in Montana, landlords must provide habitable properties and perform timely repairs. Tenants are required to maintain the property and follow the landlord’s rules. Evictions can occur for reasons like nonpayment of rent or lease violation. These obligations are legally binding, regardless of the rental agreement. 

Security Deposit 

Here are some key points about security deposits:

  • There’s no statutory limit on the amount landlords can charge for security deposits in Montana. They can set an amount they deem reasonable.
  • Montana law doesn’t mandate landlords to accrue interest on security deposits, and it doesn’t have to be held in a separate account.
  • If deductions have been made from the deposit, the remaining balance should be refunded within 30 days after the lease ends or the tenant leaves. If no deductions were made, the full deposit should be returned within 10 days following the landlord’s final inspection.
  • If the deposit covers unpaid rent, cleaning fees, or damages, the landlord must provide an itemized list of deductions within 30 days after the tenancy ends or the tenant moves out.

Entry and Access 

There are some points about property access that should be noted for leases in Montana:

  • General Access: Legally, a landlord must give a 24-hour notice before entering the rental property.
  • Immediate Access: In emergencies, a landlord can access the property without the tenant’s consent.

Pets Policy 

An apartment lease agreement in Montana requires a pet addendum that typically includes the following elements:

  • Tenant Information includes the name and contact details of the tenant who owns the animal.
  • Landlord Information: The name and contact details of the property owner are included.
  • Premises Description: A detailed description of the rented unit where the pet will reside is provided. This includes the address, size, and available utilities.
  • Pet Description: Details about the animal, such as name, breed, type, gender, age, weight, and color, are included.
  • Fees: In some states, landlords can charge an additional, usually non-refundable, one-time fee for allowing the animal on the premises.
  • Additional Rent Payments: If the animal causes prolonged damages to the unit, the landlord may be allowed to charge a small amount of extra monthly rent.
  • Veterinary Contact Information: If the pet is currently under a vet’s care, the tenant must provide the vet’s name and contact information for emergency cases.
  • Lease Date: The specific day the original agreement is being amended with the pet addendum.


In a Montana Apartment Lease Agreement, certain disclosures are mandated for some or all apartment lease agreements in Montana:

  • Landlord Name and Address: This disclosure applies to all units.
  • Move-In Checklist: This is required for all leases that collect security deposits.
  • Mold: This disclosure is necessary for all units with known mold contamination.
  • Methamphetamine (Meth): This is required for all units with known methamphetamine contamination.
  • Lead Paint: This disclosure applies to all units built before 1978.

There are also a few other optional but recommended disclosures you can also include, such as:

  • Medical Marijuana Disclosure
  • Smoking Policy
  • A Shared Utilities Disclosure (for any property that may be sharing utilities)
  • Non-Refundable Fees & Late/Returned Check Fees
  • Asbestos Disclosure
  • A Bed Bug Disclosure