Montana Room Rental Agreement

A Montana Room Rental Agreement is a formal legal document that establishes a binding relationship between an individual who holds ownership or leasehold rights to a residential property (referred to as the "landlord" or "property owner") and another individual who is renting a designated room within that property (known as the "tenant").

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Montana Room Rental Agreement

To ensure you adhere to state laws, access our professional Montana Room Rental Agreement template.

A room rental agreement in Montana stipulates the rules and regulations under which the occupant will reside and utilize the rented room and the communal areas within the property. 

  • Identification and Contact Details
  • Description of the Property
  • Duration of the Agreement
  • Rent and Security Deposit
  • Utilities and Expenses
  • House Rules and Responsibilities
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Access and Privacy
  • Termination and Notice
  • Signatures

Access to the Room 

In a Montana Room Rental Agreement, it’s important to understand the landlord’s and occupant’s rights and responsibilities. Here are the key points:

  • Landlord’s Access Rights: The landlord can enter the rented room and common areas for maintenance, repairs, or inspections. However, the landlord must provide adequate notice before doing so.
  • Tenant’s Privacy Rights: The tenant has the right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the rented room. The landlord cannot intrude without a valid reason and proper notice.

Guest & Pets Policy 

Here are some suggestions for establishing a balanced guest policy:

  • Establish Occupancy Limits: Based on the layout and size of each unit, set a maximum occupancy limit. 
  • Define Guest Guidelines: Ensure that residents know the specific rules for guest occupancy. 
  • Implement Guest Time Limits: Set a limit on how long guests can stay on the property without additional authorization. This limit can be implemented in various ways, such as a three (3) night limit per week, a 10-night limit per month, or a 30-night limit per six (6) months.

A Pet Addendum typically covers the following key points:

  • Pet Description: Details about the pet, such as type, breed, size, and name.
  • Pet Fees and Deposits: Any additional fees or deposits required from the tenant for the pet.
  • Pet Rules and Restrictions: Rules for pet ownership within the property, like leash requirements and waste cleanup.
  • Liability: Occupant’s responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by their pet.
  • Pet Inspections: Conditions for the landlord to conduct pet-related inspections.
  • Violation Consequences: Penalties for violating pet-related rules may include fines or eviction.
  • Pet Documentation: The occupant must provide pet vaccinations, licenses, or other documentation.

Security Deposit Regulations 

In Montana, owners can collect a security deposit at the beginning of a Montana Room Rental Agreement to cover unexpected costs with no cap on the deposit amount. 

  • Owners aren’t required to provide a receipt for the security deposit.
  • Owners aren’t obligated to pay interest on the security deposit.
  • The security deposit mustn’t be kept in a separate bank account.
  • Owners have 10 days to return the deposit without deductions and 30 days with deductions upon lease termination. Deductions can include damage beyond normal wear and tear, cleaning costs, costs for storing and disposing of unclaimed property, unpaid rent, late fees, and utility bills.
  • If owners don’t comply with the notice period or wrongfully withhold funds. In that case, occupants can sue for double the amount wrongfully withheld, plus court costs and attorney fees.