Nebraska Apartment Lease Agreement

A Nebraska Apartment Lease Agreement is a formal contract establishing the rental terms and conditions between a property owner and a potential tenant in Nebraska. Upon showing the property to an interested party, the owner typically asks for personal details to conduct a credit check. This verification process may involve a nominal fee.

No credit card required

Nebraska Apartment Lease Agreement

You can download our legally binding Nebraska Apartment Lease Agreement template to adhere to state laws.

A Nebraska Apartment Lease Agreement is an essential instrument that delineates the specifics of a rental contract, safeguarding the interests of both the property owner and the lessee. It offers a legal shield, clarifies the particulars of rent payment, sets the tenancy period, and details the obligations and privileges of all involved parties. This agreement is a crucial guide in disagreements or confusion, providing transparency and a pathway for legal action if necessary. 

Security Deposit 

Here are the points crucial in understanding the terms of an apartment lease agreement in Nebraska.

  • Maximum Security Deposit Amount: The landlord may ask for up to one (1) month’s rent.
  • Maximum Pet Deposit: The landlord may not request a pet deposit of more than a quarter of one (1) month’s rent in Nebraska.
  • Acceptable Deductions: These include unpaid rent, utilities, late fees, costs associated with any damage, expenses arising from a lease violation, and cleaning costs.
  • Return Deadline: The deadline for the return is 14 days.
  • Itemized Deductions: Providing an itemized list of deductions is mandatory.
  • Penalty for Late Return: If the return is late, the penalty would be the amount due plus twice the deposit or one month’s rent, in addition to court costs and attorney’s fees.
  • Interest on Security Deposit: The landlord isn’t required to collect and pay the tenant any interest fees on the security deposits per state laws.

Entry and Access 

  • General Access: Under the terms of an apartment lease agreement in Nebraska, the tenant is entitled to a minimum of 24 hours’ notice before the landlord enters the property.
  • Immediate Access: In an emergency, the landlord has the right to enter the rental property without obtaining prior consent from the tenant.

Pets Policy 

These points are important components to include in a Nebraska Apartment Lease Agreement

  • Pet Description
  • Number of Pets
  • Pet Fees and Deposits
  • Rules and Restrictions
  • Liability
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Vaccinations and Health Records
  • Inspections
  • Pet Disposal
  • Consequences of Violation
  • Emergency Contact
  • Tenant’s Acknowledgment
  • Signature and Date

It should be made clear that the landlord has the right to enforce the terms of the Pet Policy and take appropriate action for non-compliance.


These points are essential components of a Nebraska Apartment Lease Agreement. They ensure transparency and safety for all parties involved in the rental process.

  • Identity: As part of the lease agreement, the landlord must reveal the identities of all individuals authorized to enter the property. Additionally, an official address for receiving notices must be provided.
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure: In accordance with federal law, landlords or managers of residential properties built prior to 1978 are obligated to notify their tenants about the presence of hazardous materials, such as lead-based paint, within the property.

Aside from these, you can also include a few other recommended disclosures:

  • Asbestos Disclosure
  • Smoking Policy
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Non-Refundable Fees and Late/Returned Check Fees
  • Bed Bug Disclosure
  • Mold Disclosure
  • Move-in Checklist
  • A Shared Utilities Disclosure (if applicable)