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Merge and combine your PDFs with PandaDoc for free

If you need to merge PDFs quickly and efficiently, then we’re going to show you how to do just that in a few easy steps using our PDF joiner tool. Upload your PDF Documents to start merging the files 
right now.

How to combine PDF documents online?

1. Upload PDFs

1. Upload PDFs

Click “Upload” button to upload your files to PandaDoc through our secure file uploader. You can also drag and drop files into the PandaDoc editor to upload them to the online PDF merger.

2. Reorder PDFs

2. Reorder PDFs

Use the PandaDoc preview interface to reorder your files and get them in the proper sequence before merging them into a single document.

3. Download PDF

3. Download PDF

Once you’re done adding, removing, and reordering files, you can click “Download” to save the merged PDF file to your computer or device.

PandaDoc online PDF merger

If you’re looking for how to put PDFs together, look no further than PandaDoc’s online PDF merger tool. We’ll show you how it can combine your PDF files and explain why PandaDoc offers the best PDF merge software on the market.

File deletion policy

File deletion policy

When you use our PDF merger and splitter to combine documents into one PDF, rest easy knowing that all your files will be deleted right after you download the updated document to your device.

Three-step process

Three-step process

Simply upload multiple document files, reorder the files if needed, then click download to get your merged document!



The algorithm for the document joiner and all related processes are hosted on PandaDoc’s cloud servers to ensure that your computer’s resources aren’t needlessly bogged down.

No signup required

No signup required

If you need to merge your PDF document, you can use our document merger for free without having to sign up for an account or download any additional software on your local computer.

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Benefits of merged PDFs

Saves time

Saves time

The most obvious benefit of merging PDFs is the amount of time it saves. You won’t have to navigate through your storage looking for multiple PDFs, nor will you need to switch between more than one document when referencing information.

Storage space

Storage space

Combining multiple files into a single PDF document will save your storage space and reduce the number of gigabytes needed to create full backups of your archived information.

Easier collaboration

Easier collaboration

Remote collaboration is a lot easier when you’re dealing with a merged PDF rather than multiple separate documents. Adding content, making edits/revisions, and leaving annotations are also a lot more convenient when collaborating on a single document.

Faster printing

Faster printing

Whenever you need to print hard copies of your documents, you’ll be glad that you merged your files into a single PDF since this will streamline the printing process significantly — as opposed to printing out every document one by one.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best PDF merger?

The best free PDF merge software should be easy to use, compatible across different devices and operating systems, and take data protection seriously. PandaDoc allows you to merge PDFs online, along with a number of other intuitive and secure PDF editing tools.

Is PDF Merger safe?

Merging PDFs is safe as long as you use a trustworthy tool. Only use document mergers that have encrypted upload connections and an automatic file deletion policy. All PandaDoc servers are secured with encrypted uploads and delete files as soon as the user gets their merged documents.

What does a PDF merger do?

A PDF merger lets you merge PDF files so you can combine two PDFs into a single document in seconds.

Can you combine PDFs together?

You can combine PDFs online using software like a merge PDF tool. PandaDoc lets you merge PDF documents, combining multiple files into a single PDF file.