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Convert your PDF into Word document with PandaDoc for free

If you need to make a PDF into an editable Word document, we have a free and easy-to-use solution for you! To get started simply upload your document and in just a seconds our tool will convert your PDF into an editable Word document for Free!

How to convert PDF to Word document online?

To use PandaDoc’s free software for converting a PDF to Word, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps:

1. Upload your document

1. Upload your document

To start, either click “Upload” button and then select a document from your local device or drag and drop your file of choice into the PandaDoc editor.

2. Convert your document

2. Convert your document

Click the “Convert” button, then wait a few seconds for the conversion process to finish.

3. Download your document

3. Download your document

Download and save the now editable Microsoft Word document to your computer or local storage. Any files you uploaded to our servers will be automatically deleted.

PandaDoc online PDF to Word converter features

PandaDoc’s free online PDF to Word converter has a suite of useful features including:

Drag-and-drop accessibility

Drag-and-drop accessibility

PandaDoc’s easy-to-use interface allows users to upload documents right from their desktop or drag and drop the file into our converter box.

Ability to export PDF to Word

Ability to export PDF to Word

Convert the PDF to fully editable Word document for free and export it to your desktop in minutes.

Optimized PDF functionality to make PDF files smaller

Optimized PDF functionality to make PDF files smaller

Manipulating lengthy documents can be tedious. PandaDoc optimizes the files so they function more smoothly and you don’t lose any quality from the original file.

Compatibility with Mac, Windows, and Linux

Compatibility with Mac, Windows, and Linux

No worries about compatibility. Your OS will work with PandaDoc’s PDF to Microsoft Word converter, as our tool will let you work with PDF files on any device and OS. Simply open it in the browser you use for your daily routine.

Immediate file deletion to keep your data safe

Immediate file deletion to keep your data safe

Privacy matters to us. Once you’re finished downloading the updated files, your sensitive documents are automatically deleted and gone forever.

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Other PDF editing tools

While PandaDoc’s program to convert PDF to Word is certainly useful, it’s not the only PDF editing tool the platform offers. Now that you know how to convert a PDF file to Word document, have a look at some of our other editing features:

Frequently asked questions

What does PDF converter mean?

This means that software or a cloud-based solution, such as PandaDoc’s free tool, changes the format from PDF to Word or other file type, including images in the JPEG/JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIFF, PNG, or HEIC formats. Some file types, such as Word, PNG and JPG can also be converted back.

What is a PDF used for?

This file type is a popular choice for documents, forms, and contracts because it can consistently display data regardless of what device or operating system is used to view the file. The files can be editable and collect signatures as well.

Is PDF to Word converter safe?

Be careful using a free online tool as some tools from untrustworthy sites can expose you to malware. To keep your data safe, stick to reputable software providers like PandaDoc that can offer file conversion features without the risk of malware infecting your system.

What are the advantages of a PDF converter?

These converters help you convert files into a different format which can make it possible to edit, upload, or otherwise use the file in a manner that wasn’t possible in its original format. The best PDF to Word converter software, such as PandaDoc’s, make it convenient to convert your files online with no need to download any additional software or create an account.