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Create stunning proposals in 50% less time with PandaDoc’s RFP software. Ensure that anyone can design stunning, professional proposals designed to increase your close rates by up to 36%.

Request for Proposal Software
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Better proposals made possible with PandaDoc’s RFP Software

Ensure all proposals represent your brand well

You want clients to recognize your brand the moment they receive a proposal. With an RFP management system in place, you can easily create customized, branded templates for each of your team members to use when they draft a proposal. 

Proposal response software can help streamline your team’s proposal creation process  when responding to an RFP, giving them more time to focus on the prospect and less time completing mundane or tedious tasks. New team members can benefit from the experience of seasoned members when crafting a proposal response, and you never again have to wonder if you could’ve closed a deal if only you’d had a different person craft the proposal. You can feel confident that every proposal submitted through your organization includes the same high-quality information laid out in the same detailed and comprehensive manner. 

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Create professional proposals that stand out

When a Request for Proposal is sent to your company, you can generally assume that the same request was sent to numerous other companies. An RFP builder can help your proposal stand out from the countless proposals the potential client receives in response to their RFP. 

PandaDoc’s user-friendly proposal creation software allows any member of your team to get up to speed fast and create stunning, interactive proposals embedded with interactive pricing tables, rich media, and more. Dazzle your prospects with jaw-dropping documents that provide all of the critical information they need in an efficient layout, and gives them the opportunity to comment, negotiate, and securely eSign from any device. 

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Collaborate on proposals as a team

Eliminate the time you spend sending proposals back and forth between members of your team. Our RFP database software allows multiple people to collaborate on a document simultaneously. They can tag each other in sections of the document, leave comments, and make changes in real-time, allowing proposals to be drafted efficiently while representing the ideas and needs of all relevant stakeholders. 


Make proposal updates from anywhere

The best RFP software is conveniently accessible from any device, anywhere. That’s why PandaDoc developed user-friendly RFP software that can be accessed right from your cell phone, wherever in the world you may be. Check in on your team when you’re working from home, make edits from your mobile device, and collaborate seamlessly even when you’re not in the office. Updating your proposals from anywhere at any time is just one way PandaDoc helps you increase your completed docs by up to 87%. 

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Speed up your process with automated workflows

Usually, when a proposal has been sent, it’s out of your hands, and any adjustments require drafting a whole new proposal. PandaDoc allows you to make adjustments and edits directly in the proposal, even after you’ve sent it to a client. The result is an expedited proposal response process, where your client receives a speedy response to their request, and conversations move smoothly and swiftly. 

Our integrated e-Signature solution  also ensures that proposals sent to multiple decision-makers can be reviewed and securely signed, even if those decision-makers are working in separate locations.

PandaDoc allows for endless automations so you can put reminder emails, document updates, payment collection, and signing orders on autopilot.

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Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

Frequently asked questions

What is RFP software?

Request for Proposal (RFP) software helps sales teams and companies automate the proposal and contract creation process. It provides done-for-you, customizable templates to reduce the amount of time it takes to create  a contract or proposal, as well as offering user-friendly editing software so you can edit, collaborate on, update, and eSign contracts from anywhere.

Why should I use an RFP builder?

Using an RFP builder can greatly reduce the time it takes to create stunning, professionally designed proposals that help close more deals. PandaDoc’s RFP builder comes with over 750 ready-to-go, customizable templates that you can choose from to create on-brand proposals in an instant. With templates you control, keeping your whole team’s documents on-brand and accurate is easy.  

What should proposals include?

All proposals should include CPQ functionality, CRM and payment integrations, and eSignature capability so clients can sign as soon as they’ve reviewed your document. To go the extra mile and create eye-catching proposals, include embedded rich media like videos, GIFs, and a functional layout that makes it easy for prospects to sign.

Where can I find a free RFP template?

To get started, you can find a free, customizable RFP template here. With PandaDoc, you can customize, update, save, and share that template with your entire team. RFP templates from PandaDoc make it easy to collaborate on documents, send documents to clients, and receive eSignatures to increase your time-to-close.

How can I ensure our proposals best represent our brand?

One of the best things about PandaDoc’s RFP software is that you can create customized templates designed specifically for your brand. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop technology ensures that anyone can design a template to represent your brand, including using color schemes and imagery that showcase your brand’s personality. Once you have a template built, every member of your organization can use that template when crafting future proposals, so you can maintain a consistent brand identity across all of your documents.

Can I track RFPs once they’ve been sent?

Yes. After your proposals have been sent, you can see when they have been received, opened, and reviewed. You’ll also receive analytics as to how long recipients  spend with each document, which can help you make future decisions about which documents are working and which need to be adjusted. You can even use these analytics to perform A/B testing on proposal templates to see which ones you should use in the future.