Looking for a Bonsai alternative?

Freelancers switching from Bonsai to PandaDoc will enjoy more powerful document generation, better integrations, and tools built to scale with modern, cloud-based businesses.

Real-time document editing
Proposal & contract generation
Advanced quoting tools
Onboard CRM software
CRM & productivity integrations
Reminders & notifications
Analytics & data tracking
E-signature capture
Bulk sending tools
Project management software
Pricing tables & guides
Form generation
Dedicated client portal
Template library
Custom template generation
Content library
Time tracking & expense tracking
Online payment gateways
Custom branding
Industry & regulatory compliance
Team tools & workflows
Collaboration utilities
24/7 customer support

Incredible proposals & contracts

The ability to propose solutions and close deals is the core of any freelance business. It’s more important than task management tools or project scheduling. While Bonsai (like HoneyBook) is a powerful tool for solo entrepreneurs, only PandaDoc can assist with building unique, custom proposals that business owners will love. Our specialized automations and workflows are designed to help small businesses and enterprise teams close deals and collect payments in record time.

Robust template libraries

Bonsai has a notable template library, but does it measure up to the 1000+ customizable templates that PandaDoc offers to its users? We offer templates for nearly every business need, including proposal and quote templates from top-performing brands so that you don’t have to start from scratch to achieve next-level results.

Legally binding & compliant e-signatures

While both PandaDoc and Bonsai allow users to create and send documents for e-signatures, only PandaDoc provides audit trails and digital certifications to help you easily prove the authenticity of each signature. On top of that, electronic signatures captured through PandaDoc follow all necessary legal compliance requirements. Customers on our Business pricing plans can also use our onboard signing and document management tools to create HIPAA-compliant signatures and workflows.

Why switch from Bonsai to PandaDoc?

Better-than-ever document generation

Business documents can vary wildly. From basic proposals and quoting to contracting and invoicing, you’ll need the right document for the right job in order to win jobs and acquire work. PandaDoc offers a robust document editor that makes document creation a breeze. Create a new document from scratch, or kickstart your process with a template from our gallery. Tailor your document to fit, then save it as a template for use at a later date.

Design Styles Multilang

Custom proposals in less time

Looking to spruce up your proposals? PandaDoc offers a variety of tools to help you create incredible proposals even faster. Our content library allows you to create and save custom blocks of text and media so that you can insert specialized content when you need it. Plus, our pricing tables are connected to our onboard product catalog, so you can quickly quote expenses and billable services in a consistent way.

Proposal Integrations

Built for scalability & growth

PandaDoc isn’t designed as a business management software, so you won’t find onboard time trackers or project management tools within our platform. Instead, PandaDoc offers a powerful suite of document generation and management tools designed to scale with your business as it grows. While our toolkit is more focused than many freelancer management platforms, our automations and workflows are designed to streamline your document workflow so that you can spend less time creating paperwork and more time working with clients.

Document Generation

Integrate your tech stack

While PandaDoc is designed as a document creation and management platform, our robust integrations make it easy to connect to other tools in your tech stack. Connect to payment options like Stripe and PayPal or to an accounting software like QuickBooks and FreshBooks. Zapier integrations are also an option. Whether you need to track projects, build financial reports, or connect with a dedicated CRM, PandaDoc offers the functionality you need to talk with the other business management tools you use every day.

Artwork Technology

Team sales & collaboration tools

Looking to scale your business? While our starter plan is great for new businesses, PandaDoc offers collaboration tools to help your business thrive as you add more members to your team. Set designated roles, and give team members the tools they need to build proposals and close deals. Plus, our collaboration tools allow clients to work with you to finalize proposals quickly and revise contracts in real time.

Collaborative Workspace Comments

Customer support when you need it

While we’ve done our best to create software that’s simple and easy to use, sometimes, you just need help. That’s why PandaDoc offers 24/7/365 chat support for every customer, so help is always just a click away. We also offer premium support options, if you’re looking for hands-on support as your business grows. No matter the size and scope of your business, you’ll get the help you need with PandaDoc.

Support Call

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