Looking for a HoneyBook alternative?

HoneyBook users switching to PandaDoc will find a new way to manage small business documents, streamline contract creation, and collect online payments. Better business starts with PandaDoc.

Proposal & contract generation
Advanced quoting tools
E-signature capture
Bulk sending tools
Project management suite
Pricing tables & guides
Onboard CRM system
Mobile app (iOS & Android)
Form generation
Project pipelines
Document creation tools
Template generation
Content library
Time tracking
Payment gateways
Contract renewals
Recurring payments
Custom branding
Industry & regulatory compliance
Team tools & workflows
Collaboration utilities
24/7 365 customer support

Secure document signing for small businesses

At the end of the day, proposals and contracts are worthless if they aren’t signed in a provable and legally binding way. HoneyBook and PandaDoc both offer e-signing solutions, but only PandaDoc offers specialized tools to prove the validity of a signed document. User actions within a PandaDoc document are tracked via audit trails, and signed documents are rendered with a signature certificate that easily validates the authenticity of the document. Our e-signing tools also follow all regulatory requirements, and accounts can be modified to align with HIPAA regulations.

Document management tools

PandaDoc isn’t an all-in-one business solution like HoneyBook, and we aren’t trying to be. We specialize in tools to help users generate powerful and compelling documents that look incredible and close deals quickly. Use our document editor to create proposals, contracts, invoices, and more from scratch, or pick one of 1000+ templates from our library and modify it to suit your needs. When you’re ready to take document generation to the next level, create custom templates, or leverage our content library and product catalog tools to build great content at a modular level.

Forms & questionnaires you need

Like HoneyBook, PandaDoc offers tools to help customers create forms, but PandaDoc doesn’t stop at client intake forms or basic contact forms. The PandaDoc form builder is open-ended and can be used for everything from welcome forms to marketing automation solutions. Because our forms are embeddable on your website, you can use them to book appointments, gather customer feedback, and much more. You can even capture payments inside forms using our payment gateway and integration tools.

Why switch from HoneyBook to PandaDoc?

More room for growth

HoneyBook, like many solutions targeted toward freelancers and small businesses (Bonsai, HoneyBook, etc.), offers business management software solutions that you won’t see in PandaDoc. While these management solutions are great starting points, there is an upper limit where more specialized software is required for companies to grow and scale. PandaDoc acts as an all-in-one platform for document management and comes equipped with robust functionality and workflow automations designed to streamline sales processes and document creation. This leaves room for you to implement specialized solutions in other areas of your business.

Proposal Integrations

Professional contracting & proposals

While you’ve probably built contracts and invoices using Honeybook templates, the functionality is limited due to how the contracts are built. PandaDoc does away with all of that. Our user-friendly document editor allows you to create custom contracts in real time and in a way that makes sense for your business. Create documents entirely from scratch, or kickstart your process with one of 1000+ templates in our template library. No matter how you jump in, all documents are 100% customizable, so entrepreneurs can tweak and tailor any portion of the document to fit their needs. Need to set specific payment schedules in a contract? Want to provide payment options or a package selection in your quote? It’s all possible with PandaDoc. 

Pipedrive - Integration

No-hassle online payments

Everyone wants to get paid. With PandaDoc, you won’t need client portals or specialized apps to do it. Using our onboard payment integrations allow for payment processing via Stripe, PayPal, or ACH, so your clients can pay invoices without the need for extra invoicing software. You can even connect these business processes to bookkeeping software like FreshBooks or QuickBooks, so that payments are captured and handled with the rest of your financial information.

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Integrate with customer tracking tools

Customer relationship management software (CRMs) are an essential business management solution for many organizations. While HoneyBook offers some onboard tools, PandaDoc can connect your document generation processes with top-notch CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and others. This allows you to use those dedicated tools for contact management, lead management, and follow-up while using PandaDoc to generate documents based on customer needs. We even offer email integration options so that you can sign and send docs from your Gmail inbox!


Improved team & collaboration tools

For small business owners and freelance businesses looking to scale, PandaDoc offers user management features and collaboration tools that teams can use to partner with one another. These features are particularly useful for sales teams, who may interact with separate clients and need to quickly build contracts in order to quote services and close deals. Our collaboration tools allow multiple team members and clients to work together to review proposals and finalize contracts in record time.

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Support when you need it

We’ve done our best to prioritize ease of use for every PandaDoc customer — but sometimes, you just need help. With HoneyBook, you’ll have to send an email and wait for a reply. That’s a major deviation from PandaDoc, where we offer 24/7/365 chat support for all plans. On top of that, we offer premium support options for users who want to reach out via email, phone, or talk to a dedicated account manager. With PandaDoc, you can get the support you need — when you actually need it!


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