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HoneyBook users switching to PandaDoc will experience a new way to manage small business documents, streamline contract creation, and collect online payments. Business happens with PandaDoc.

All-in-one document management
Legally binding e-signatures
Online payments
Template creation
Notifications and alerts
Custom variables
Mobile app (Android and iOS)
Unlimited team members
Unlimited documents
Meetings and scheduling
Tasks and to-do’s
Document editorLimited
Template libraryLimited
Document analytics
Content library
CRM integration
Approval workflows
24/7/365 customer support

An all-in-one contract management software

If you’re a small business owner or freelancer, you know that documents are the backbone of your daily operations. That’s one reason that both HoneyBook and PandaDoc are committed to providing the tools you need to easily manage all of your contracts. PandaDoc offers complete contract lifecycle management for every issued contract. Generate contracts quickly, add signature requirements, send, and store. It’s all possible with PandaDoc.

Simplified project management

If you’re looking purely for project management, HoneyBook excels in this area by giving you everything that you need to stay on top of customers. While PandaDoc isn’t a scheduling software and won’t help you with time-tracking, we can definitely help you stay on top of contracts and essential project documentation. Our document insights and workflow will give your team everything they need to create strong customer follow-ups and provide outstanding customer service.

Fast and easy template creation

HoneyBook and PandaDoc both strive to help you streamline your document creation process. With PandaDoc, you can enjoy fast and easy template creation through our document editor, along with access to our template library, complete with 450+ fully editable documents.

Branding made easy

Branding tools are essential for small businesses. PandaDoc and HoneyBook both come with user-friendly branding tools that you can use to create a lasting impression on your customers. With PandaDoc, you’ll be able to add logos and branded images to your documents and on emails sent from PandaDoc to your customer.

Manage clients and contracts on the go

From bookkeeping to social media, your business challenges don’t stop when you leave the office. Just like HoneyBook, PandaDoc comes equipped with an app so that you can engage in business management when you’re on the go. With PandaDoc, you can monitor contracts, customer progress, and get all the details you need to close deals fast — from anywhere!

Scale up your contract creation with PandaDoc

Integrations for your business needs

HoneyBook comes with some basic integrations. You can connect your Google account to send an email, or you can connect to QuickBooks and Stripe to handle finances and accounting. PandaDoc takes integrations to a new level. Our inbuilt apps allow you to connect natively with a variety of other apps. Whether you need to connect with Box or Dropbox to invoice documents or you want to connect with PayPal to process payments, PandaDoc can help you succeed. The best part is that, with PandaDoc, you can place payment gateways on contracts and proposals so that customers can transfer money to your bank account when they sign. Rather than taking customers through a complex paperwork process or separate invoicing software, take payments or set up recurring payment schedules when customers sign on the dotted line.

Proposal Integrations

Onboard client management tools

If you’re trying to improve your customer relationships, customer management plays a huge role in your success. With PandaDoc, you’ll be able to use our onboard CRM to quickly and accurately fill out your documentation. No more missed names or misspelled email addresses! On top of that, because PandaDoc integrates with almost every major CRM on the market, you aren’t confined to using our onboard tools. Connect to Salesforce, Insightly, Pipedrive, and more, and import your contacts directly to PandaDoc for easy use with our contract variables.

Pipedrive - Integration

Track your clients

Ever wanted to know what your clients are thinking while they review your documents? With PandaDoc, you can see it for yourself. Our document analytics are built into every document you send, so it’s easy to see what’s going on behind the scenes. This is different from an audit trail, which tracks when someone reviews and signs your document (also a native PandaDoc feature). With document analytics, you’ll be able to see when someone views your document, how long they spent on each page of the document, how often they came back to it, and more. Use these insights to improve your contracts and proposals so that they close in record time.

Analytics Page

Easier-than-ever invoicing

Accounting and invoicing is easy through PandaDoc integrations. As a contract management platform, PandaDoc doesn’t try to handle your sales initiatives or connect your payment team with a convoluted dashboard. Instead, we connect your accounting software and your payment gateway together through our documents. Whether you’re using QuickBooks, Freshbooks, or something else to balance budgets and manage invoices, PandaDoc helps you connect everything through a single platform and reduce the number of documents that you ultimately send to customers.


Robust document editing

One of the biggest differentiators between PandaDoc, HoneyBook, and even other platforms like 17Hats or Dubsado is the PandaDoc editor. Our drag-and-drop editor is easy and comfortable to use when designing any document. On top of that, our robust set of tools makes it easy to prepare contracts, invoices, and even marketing fliers all from a single platform.

Artwork Video Proposal

No client portals required

Many HoneyBook alternatives force clients to go through the trouble of creating accounts just to review documents and process credit card information. With PandaDoc, your customers will experience streamlined workflow management with no signup required. All they’ll need to do is click the link you send via email, and they’ll be able to view documents, comment on the content, and sign contracts.


Scale your team

HoneyBook and similar services often try to act as an ERP for freelancers and small businesses by consolidating every need into a single platform. For small teams, these solutions may be a perfect fit. PandaDoc is a contract management solution for businesses looking to scale beyond two or three users. Rather than focusing on everything from calendar management to inventory management, PandaDoc gives you the tools you need to excel at one thing and help you connect with other specialized apps. If you’re looking to scale and you’re looking for tools that can help you grow your brand, don’t go with a jack of all trades solution. Give your team the tools they need to do incredible things. For contract management, that tool is PandaDoc.


Build incredible proposals

Proposals are different from every other kind of document because they rely on rich media and a compelling sales pitch to keep customers engaged. PandaDoc makes it easy to build incredible proposals in minutes. With HoneyBook, you can create simple proposals with a basic pricing table and an itemized list — but they aren’t true sales documents. PandaDoc proposals can take your creative business to the next level by offering a customers a document that tells the story of your business and exactly how you plan to help them.

Workflow Approval

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