Automate contract renewals

Know exactly when it’s time to revisit the original contract and initiate the renewal process.

Don’t miss renewal opportunities

Stay ahead of contract renewals with automatic reminders.

Stop missing out

Eliminate the manual hunt for renewal reviews and use PandaDoc renewal reminders to keep track of upcoming contract renewals automatically.

Renewals Status

Highlight renewal dates

Schedule renewal reminders when you close the deal. Select a contract duration or a specific date when you want to be notified about the contract expiring.

Renewals Settings

Calm the chaotic search

Use the new renewal status to stay organized. Filter your expiring contracts and easily find the next opportunity to reach your existing customers. Adjust renewal settings for contracts in any status if you receive any new deal insights.

Renewals List

Lead your renewal process

Receive notifications to initiate the contract renewal process proactively instead of waiting for expiring contracts. Generate a new contract with the data transfer feature to copy customer data and terms in one click.

Renewals Panel

Experience the full power of PandaDoc

We built PandaDoc to help you close deals fast. Check out the other features we designed to eliminate manual work, send your proposals and contracts in minutes, collect electronic signatures and store your documents intelligently.

Experience the full power of PandaDocExperience the full power of PandaDoc
Experience the full power of PandaDocExperience the full power of PandaDoc

What is a contract renewal?

Most contracts cover a specific length of time, and when that time is up, the contract is no longer binding. It’s helpful to know about expiring contracts ahead of time so that you can follow up with a renewal contract and retain that customer.

How do I manage contract renewals with PandaDoc?

We wrote this step-by-step guide to show you how to use this feature. Click here to read it.

Does this feature enable automatic contracts?

No, it’s not an auto-renewal. You need to create a new contract, and the contract obligations are not renewed automatically. The PandaDoc renewal feature helps you to keep track of the upcoming expiration dates and send automated reminders to document owners.

Why are contract renewals important?

Businesses find it easier and cheaper to retain existing customers or upsell existing customers. Comparatively, it’s harder and more expensive to attract new customers.