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Switching from Cognito Forms to PandaDoc will empower your team to create secure forms, contracts, and other sales documents all in one place.

Cognito FormsPandaDoc
Form building and creation
Form template library
Custom template creation
Template sharing
Additional seats
Electronic signatures
Spam prevention
File uploads
Custom branding
Table fields
Data export
Email notifications
Analytics and trackingLimited
Payment gateways
HIPAA compliance
Secure encryption
Repeating sections
Conditional logic
Integration tools
Webhooks and API
Approval workflows
Document creation tools
Content library
Mobile app
24/7/365 support

Powerful online form builders

Both PandaDoc Forms and Cognito Forms offer great online form builders to suit your unique needs. The drag and drop user interface makes it easier than ever to build contact forms and order forms that fit your unique workflow. Embed your forms onto your website and using HTML/CSS or share a link to anyone who needs to complete form submission. It’s that easy.

Unlimited custom forms

When it comes to creating unlimited forms both companies handle form creations differently. With Cognito Forms, you can create unlimited forms, but custom templates add to your monthly usage costs. PandaDoc allows you to create as many custom forms and templates as you want, but form submissions past your allotted account limit will incur an additional charge.

Data analytics made easy

With Cognito Forms, you can integrate your form with Google Analytics to improve paid campaigns. PandaDoc takes analytics a step further by providing usage statistics for every document you create. Learn how long customers spend with a document and where they spent their time, then use that information to improve your documents.

Simple payment collection

Payment collection is easy when using forms created by both Cognito Forms and PandaDoc. Like Cognito Forms, PandaDoc offers payment connections through Stripe, PayPal, and Square so that customers can easily submit payments through your forms and other documents.

Support when you need it most

With Cognito Forms, you can send a support request via the online portal, but it might take a while for someone to get back to you. When using PandaDoc, you’ll always have the option for unlimited 24/7/365 chat support. Within the PandaDoc platform, all you’ll need to do is click on the chat button to get immediate help.

Build incredible documents

PandaDoc makes it possible to go beyond form creation. Our platform provides options for building everything from powerful forms to sales contracts and more. With PandaDoc, you won’t need to build content in Google Docs or Microsoft Word before linking your content with an electronic signature tool or payment gateway. Consolidate your workflow and do everything in one place with PandaDoc.

Employee Onboarding

Intuitive drag and drop tools

The entire PandaDoc interface is built using our drag and drop tools. Building a registration form, a sales contract, or a pricing table all use the same interface. This intuitive design makes it easy to train team members on all system tools regardless of whether they need to create a new form, a marketing flier, or something else.


Editor Eforms

Integrate with CRMs and sales tools

PandaDoc offers a robust library of integration tools to help you keep your systems connected. Connecting to tools like Salesforce, Excel, or Google Sheets is easier than ever through our native connections. You can also create thousands of additional workflows using Zapier. This is especially useful if you need to analyze form data, keep content creation off-platform, or just love to keep your tech stack organized.

Document Integrations Contract

Build better workflows

PandaDoc is designed with teams in mind. Worried about someone sending a proposal out with incorrect pricing and information? Set up an approval process so that everything is reviewed. Alternatively, you can create a modular content library where all blocks of content are pre-approved and tailored to your target audience. While you may need to approve new entries and processes initially, using PandaDoc workflow tools can lead to strong automation and faster workflows.


Simple data exporting

Regardless of how you use PandaDoc, exporting your data is always top of mind. Thanks to PandaDoc integrations, you can always keep your data offloaded in your CRM tool of choice. For onboard data, whether it’s form information, product catalog data, or a copy of all created documents, it’s easy to export and create backups when you need them.

Data Transfer

Keep your content secure

Unlike many of our competitors, PandaDoc is committed to keeping your documents 100% secure at all times. We’re SOC 2 certified, and your data is always protected. We also offer HIPAA compliance at no additional cost, provided that you sign a BAA with us. Don’t pay more for secure data capture. Stay secure with PandaDoc!


Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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