Looking for a GoProposal alternative?

Users switching to PandaDoc can develop proposals and letters of engagement at lightning speed. For accountancy firms looking for ease of use and streamlined output, PandaDoc is a one-stop solution for all your document needs.

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Immediate acceptance
Digital signatures
Custom branding
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Build even better proposals

As a proposal software, GoProposal is equipped with a slick document builder that helps you generate proposals on the fly. PandaDoc can help you do the same thing but with greater customization. Thanks to our fully-fledged document editor, you’ll be able to design and tweak proposals to your preferences before sending them to clients.

Digital signatures where you need them

Just like GoProposal, PandaDoc allows you to capture digital signatures for your documents. However, where GoProposal takes the customer to a separate signature page for signature, signers using PandaDoc will assign their electronic signature to the document that you intend them to sign. This reduces confusion and ensures that the client associates their signature with a specific document.

Do more with integrations

Both GoProposal and PandaDoc offer a variety of integrations to help you connect with other software solutions in your tech stack. With PandaDoc, you’ll have more options to choose from. PandaDoc offers native integrations for CRMs, accounting and payment solutions, document storage, and more. Connect to Quickbooks, Stripe, Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other software solutions with just a few clicks. You can even use our Zapier connection to integrate with over 1,300+ additional apps.

Create complex pricing tables

We’re big fans of the dynamic pricing tables and logical factors that you can use within GoProposal. PandaDoc allows you to build similar tables while designing your proposal. Whether you need to bill hourly, create a list of line items, or build a customized package for your clients, PandaDoc can help you get there.

Stay on brand with ease

Just like GoProposal, PandaDoc allows you to attach your branded logos and images to the documents you create. You’ll always be able to represent your brand when sending documents through PandaDoc.

Go beyond GoProposal with PandaDoc

An open-ended document editor

One of the key differences between PandaDoc and GoProposal comes down to how documents are designed. With GoProposal, the document builder will help you create a standardized proposal that you can then generate with one click. This speed and efficiency comes at the cost of document customization. While you can change the images, you won’t be able to change the overall format or layout of the proposal that the system generates. With PandaDoc, it’s different. Using the PandaDoc document editor, you’ll be able to build your proposals and letters of engagement from the ground up, customize them to taste, and then save them as a template to generate them again in seconds.

Design Styles

Add initials, checkboxes, and more

GoProposal is set up so that you can review fees with clients and ensure that they understand the costs. We agree that face-to-face and virtual meetings are important, but we also know that acknowledging the details matter. When building your PandaDoc document, you can place checkboxes and initial fields next to key paragraphs within your contracts. This requires the client to read and acknowledge the paragraph with a small initial before signing the document, allowing you to draw attention to critical pieces of information.


Better documents for your business

GoProposal focuses on two things: Proposals and letters of engagement. But why stop there? Every business needs marketing documentation, quotes, contracts, and more. With PandaDoc, you can create that documentation all in one place — and you don’t have to do it from scratch. Use our template library to import one of over 450 templates to the PandaDoc editor and jumpstart your document creation process immediately.


Keep your content library close at hand

When you’re building documents, the last thing you want to do is search your hard drive for branded marketing materials and logos. Using PandaDoc, you can upload these images to your content library for easy use. This is especially important if individual accountants or administrators are drawing up quotes as part of your team. By limiting the images and logos available to a pre-approved selection, you can ensure that your documents are always consistent and on-brand.

Library Blocks

Stay in the know with document analytics

Have you ever wondered how your clients interact with your documents? Using PandaDoc, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into the client review process. PandaDoc tracks when someone looks at a document, how long they spent reviewing each page, and how often they come back. Using these insights, your team can build even better proposals.

Analytics Page

Onboard CRM and proposal management software

While you can use CRM integrations and document storage to keep track of your documents, it’s also important to note that no additional integrations are required. PandaDoc comes equipped with a CRM and onboard storage to help you manage all aspects of the contract management lifecycle. No more printing PDFs or filing items away in a storage cabinet. Keep everything on one platform with the rest of your contracts and essential business documents.

Pipedrive - Integration

Work even better while on the go

Have you ever needed to work while on the go? With GoProposal, you can log in through the web portal and access your documents, but navigating through smaller menus can be tedious. PandaDoc ensures maximum flexibility by providing an optimized mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. With PandaDoc, you’ll always have an easy way to access your essential files.

Mobile - App

24/7 customer support

GoProposal has done a great job when it comes to building a community of support around their product — but when you need help fast, the community may not have the knowledge you need. You need an expert. Unfortunately, if you need that help outside of business hours, you may not be able to resolve your issue. With PandaDoc, that’s not a problem. We maintain 24/7 email and chat support for all customers, so you can resolve issues quickly and get back to work.


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