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Find out how PandaDoc can help you streamline the way your business handles documents by integrating with the CRM of your choice.

Native salesforce integration
Supports salesforce products
Content locking
Multiple quotes per opportunity
Quotes approvals
Quote status and tracking
Basic eSignatures
Invoice generation
Online document builder
Content library
Document tracking
Custom document templates and redesign

Manage sales with more flexibility

Kugamon is made for exclusive use with Salesforce CRM, meaning you can’t complete certain actions or execute other collaborative work outside of the Salesforce system. Many business documents need to be created, signed and more, requiring the inconvenient use of additional software. PandaDoc gives users the freedom to operate outside of Salesforce if needed and it comes with document creation tools, eSigning, document tracking, and many more useful features standard.

Faster integration

Kugamon takes weeks to fully integrate with your existing tools and setup requires assistance from their staff. This can result in massive onboarding costs, often running into the thousands of dollars. In contrast, PandaDoc is specifically designed for easy setup, with clients generally ready to go in just a few days. It’s extremely simple to learn every powerful feature and to integrate PandaDoc into your daily workflow.

Incredible value

By acting as a powerful all-in-one solution, PandaDoc excels at providing excellent value for customers compared to Kugamon. With numerous capabilities – such as full electronic signature support, workflow management features, online document creation, and professional templates – PandaDoc truly gives you more for your money. Kugamon lacks many of these features, meaning users have to rely on and pay for various tools and products to get the same functionality as PandaDoc.

Versatile document creation

Plan, build, and polish customized documents, all from within the PandaDoc interface using our intuitive design editor without the extra cost. Create a limitless number of documents and add blocks from your content library by simply dragging and dropping them into your template. With Kugamon, many document-customization features are an added cost, making professional document creation inaccessible to many users.

Why make the switch from Kugamon to PandaDoc?

Cloud-based document creation

With PandaDoc, it’s easy to start creating professional documents. Access our robust document builder instantly from any device, for more flexible document creation. Simply choose a template, drag and drop your desired elements from the content library, and you’re ready to go.

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Limitless templates

Our huge library of professional, fully-customizable templates is available to all PandaDoc users as standard. Create your own impressive business documents faster and never worry about unexpected charges.


Built-in legally-binding eSignatures

Each PandaDoc plan comes with electronic signatures, meaning users can save even more time with legally-binding digital signatures. These eSignatures are even suitable for any type of legal document including lengthy contracts. Utilize the eSignatures wit the Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive or other CRM integration. Users also gain other innovative features like custom approvals, signing orders, audit trails, expirations, auto-alerts and more.


Track your documents

Using either the Salesforce integration or the intuitive PandaDoc interface, you can easily send and track the status of every document in real-time. Monitor your recipient by seeing when they’ve viewed a document, how they’ve interacted with it and more. Experience a more efficient process and make life easier for your entire sales team including your account managers.

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Designed for compatibility

PandaDoc was built with flexibility and compatibility in mind, so it’s easy to integrate various other popular business tools seamlessly. Thanks to the Zapier integration many more modern business solutions can be linked for even greater functionality.

Proposal Integrations

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